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  1. Alex was born in the large city of New Dubai, where his grandparents took care of him during his early years. Later, the age of five, he would move out of Indian and go live in the small state of Connecticut, where his family owned several shops. He would admire his uncle, a local policemen, and would often come over to his house for advice, from trivial situations like an assignment being due, to large life-changing events, like him almost dying to an car accident when he first got his license. It it weren't for his uncle, Alex would've never been able to progress as much in life as he did. Unfortunately, on his 21st birthday, his uncle would be killed by several armed robbers. He was infuriated by this, and started to look up on the assailant's life. He soon realized that all of the assailants were first generation Russian immigrants, having crossed the Bering sea all the way to Alaska, and then coincidentally stealing an airplane seat to escape the harsh life of the Siberian cold. Learning this, Alex started to give pity towards the assailants, and devoted his college career towards philanthropy. Once he graduated college, he started to set course onto Jamaica, where he would host classes for the poor, and would teach the children and adult on how to survive and gain a profit. For years, he would travel the world, helping the poor and teaching them how to get on top. His last trip was on course towards the Siberian cold, where he would teach a small group of Russian on how to become more connected to the modern world, and how to better effectively live in such an environment. This would be his last and most fateful trip, as turbulence forced the airfield to crash land onto an abandoned airstrip. A few minutes after the crash, Alex woke up to the entire plane and it's passengers fighting for their lives, as a horde of... "beings", as Alex called, started furiously biting and ripping apart the passengers into pieces. He was able to run up to the cockpit and remain safe behind the airlocked door, but he to leave the plane eventually. Almost a week went by inside of the plane, and Alex started to become severely dehydrated and hungry as the rations inside of the cockpit grew scare. He was about to give up and was planning on jumping out of the cockpit window, when he suddenly heard a barrage of gunshots. The ducked and cowered, as several bullets zoomed past him, ripping the carbon fiber interior of the plane along with it. When the bullets finally stopped, he was greeted on the cockpit window by a ladder and a soldier, looked to be a Spetnaz Soldier. For the next couple of months, he stuck with the soldiers, learning the trick of the trade with the bandits, and learned how to handle a rifle. He never fitted in with the soldiers though, as he personally did not like killing anyone and would rather support them rather than hurt them. Eventually, he met up with some other American survivors and branched off with them, sending his farewells to the lost soldiers. It's been almost a year now with the group. Alex is the only surviving member now, and he walks along the desolate, barren, and cold Russian land. Just when he thought his adventure would finally come to an end, he stumbles across the local town of Chernarus, where his adventure would only begin...
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