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  1. Logan Moretti is a third generation Brooklyn native Italian-American who grew up alone in an unstable home environment. With his father being imprisoned and his mother working 2 jobs, he clung to the streets for purpose and identity. This left him doing poorly in his academic career, never taking school too seriously; the only thing he cared about was making enough money to survive. This mindset led him down some dark roads in life, doing morally-questionable things for morally-questionable people. He eventually got into smuggling goods, and this experience is what led him to gain connections in the international black market trade. His life experience extended past his age, most considered him to be an old soul, so it was no surprise to the people around him when he left home to make real cash in international waters. Getting a contact in South Zagoria, he began smuggling some illegal firearms into the borders to his clients. During the smuggling operation, he met a setback with authorities running sweeps in his region. Delayed, he had to bide his time and await a new opportunity to reach his clients. Time would pass, and he would eventually sneak through to get payment and the firearms delivered. On his way back, he was arrested by authorities on suspicion of distributing illegal firearms as well as trespassing without a visa or any documentation. During his brief imprisonment, the influenza would break out throughout the country. It would grow to be so severe that during relocation to a different holding cell, Logan would be freed by an accident the transport van sustained, and he moved to make his way out of South Zagoria, surviving to present day.
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