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  1. Mo Jones is the granddaughter of Barry Long, a documentary star broadcasting to the world about Chernarus and the wildlife that still lives there. Mo accompanies him on his sometimes rather hectic journey, attempting to protect the elderly gentleman and British national treasure from the likes of bears, wolves, zombies and people alike. When Mo was young she had a great interest in nature and animals much like her grandfather, she was also strong willed, and hated people telling her what to do, so often she would avoid people all together and spend the time in the land owned by her family. This wasn’t much use for employers and not many places she applied to showed much interest in hiring her, so Mo decided to concentrate on looking after the plants in the massive greenhouse and trying to sell them at markets for a short while, which got her through with some income, not that she needed much with the riches of her family. A few years into this Mo became bored, she was still in her early 20’s and was stuck for a job to do, she lacked motivation to tend to the plants and had no structure to her life, let alone something to look forward to.. it was time for a career change. Mo attempted to join the military, this is where she got the nickname ‘Mojo’ among the squad, however due to her values surrounding killing on sight she was denied a continued place with the Army due to being ‘hesitant to kill’ and ‘never listened’. This has led to her vaguely knowing how to use a gun, and although she isn’t a particularly good shot, Barry doesn’t consider this to be a problem, he was quick to jump to conclusions that Mo’s short time serving the country meant she was perfectly capable of protecting him from the many dangers in the world, he assumed she was just being modest when she said, ‘I can’t shoot for shit’. When the epidemic hit Barry decided to run towards the danger (no surprise there) and offered Mo a place on his team as his own personal bodyguard. Mo was of course a bit beaten down from just being fired from the Army and wasn’t really sure why her grandfather could possibly need a bodyguard but it sounded like an interesting adventure which she wasn’t going to pass up, even if a little dangerous.
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