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  1. honestly we'd be dead without you guys thank you so much! Great RP!
  2. We got a distress call near the northwestern air field. A young lady in dire need of help, being british, we went to help. This was a mistake. Matilda. Dressed all in yellow and loaded with guns, paranoid about being hunted by someone who kept her captive long ago by someone named oglev. At first she was innocent enough but later on her paranoia and mood changes turned violent and she turned a gun on us...a shame. She did show us how to have a midnight dance party though... I will stash this and this note for safe keeping and transmit the location to my producer. - Barry Long
  3. Sir Joshua, a knight with a fine green steed who helped me find my grand daughter and save her from wolves. This man is a vital asset and good friend to the BBS. He said he was with the Family. He showed me the Hospital in Berezino and an organisation that helps the downtrodden of this dreary land. He also introduced me to Mr Tree and his Daughter Candy who said they have some lucrative contacts I can interview. Along our journey in his fine green steed we came across Captain... I forgot his name, he claimed to be a police officer which was strange because Joshua gave me the 'Rundown' and clearly stated that there was no society here. This was my first find into my discovery that society is very much alive here. More files to be stashed with this one. The fine doctors of Berezino who brought me with them on a scavenging mission. Their security team wasn't happy with me dealing with some zombies by myself and i was even threatened by one of their security. However the doctors themselves are great people with a fantastic mission. One of them threw up on my shoes but i forgave her when i found out she was from kent. Life here is very much thriving, i've found a chicken in every village, a group of wolves, and a rare Rabbit Chicken, a rare form of rabbit that makes chicken noises apparantly common here in Chernarus.
  4. Barry long, a happy outgoing old geezer with a reputation for talking too much and being way too nosy for his own good. Early life - Barry Long grew up in a small town in the middle of England. School wasn't hard as he is fairly intelligent and has always been well liked. However he cared more about activites that happened after school. He joined the scouts at age 8 and excelled in outside extra curricular activities such as camping, cooking over fires, and working in teams. He travelled a lot of the world with scouts. Going to locations such as poland (where he learned how to survive in eastern european climates) and sweden (where he learned to survive in cold climates). However most his expieriences travelling he spent most of his time talking to the people and enjoying their cultures and most notably their different tastes in food! When high school came around he decided that media studies would prove useful as he would get to travel the world with it. Whether it was reporting or filming documentaries he NEEDED to travel the world! But to get a taste for travel and outside work he joined the Army Cadets to fuel his taste for adventure. In the army cadets he was taught how to camp in the rough, light fires with nothing but a knife, and most importantly he learned how to use weapons. His favourite being shotguns as he wasn't exactly the best shot in his cadet class (not that he'll admit that without a fight). He got pretty proficient with knowing what guns were for what. This was the days before video games, not many knew how to use a rifle. It was during this time he met his first wife, Greta Jones who birthed him two sons and a daughter over their long marriage. The relationship ended when he reached relative stardom in the UK for his best documentary series Russia - The Cold Plains. But more on that later. This is still early life. Him and his girlfriend Greta both went to college together and studied similiar subjects, such as media studies and politics and eventually went on to university where they would study Journalism. Once they finish their degrees they were both scooped up by the BBS the British Broadcasting Service and began their 20's with success! Mid Life - Barry Long and his first wife, now married, were scooped up by the British Broadcasting Service straight out of uni and began a life of travelling the world in the pursuit of the next great story to publish! This took them to places like The Falklands during the Falklands conflict where Barry Long and his wife were both taken hostage by argentineans and rescued by the SAS. Nothing ever came close to this story. Everything after the Falklands was boring. Even when they went to report on the Gulf War, The Fall of the berlin wall, and the afghanistan conflict. Nothing ever came close to this. Eventually Greta moved more towards being a producer and their relationship dwindled. Add on the stress of keeping kids around during these travels, it became harder and harder to be a functioning husband and wife. But during this time, his daughters and sons gave him grandchildren, his favourite being Mo Jones who he saw a lot of himself in. Recent Years The Chernarus Problem. Barry was sent on a documentary mission during the creation of The Chernorussian Socialist Republic. He reported on the arrests of military leaders and politicians of the previous state. It got him exactly what he needed to shoot him into stardom. Especially his reporting on the NAPA bombing of Moscow which was broadcast all over British Television. However as things deteriorated in Chernarus he was pulled from the area in an attempt to keep him safe. During the next several years he spent his time aging and doing silly documentaries on wildlife and nature, stuff he wasn't too interested in. He knew his next big story lay in Chernarus. It brough back memories of the falklands and the excitement which came with it. Then came the great plague! An opportunity like no other. World governments collapsed. Militias took over. The peoples uprising began on a global scale. Unlike anything he'd seen before and he desperately wished to return to Chernarus. However as the government around him collapsed and his Broadcasting service began to fail as looting and riots took over from order. The need for reporters was low. But Barry thought differently, these events desperately cried out to be documented and he was the one to do it. He keeps his granddaughter Mo Jones close, she's his guardian angel and protector. Also she's great at kicking ass for him when he gets into rough situations. She was in the military but failed to be in the military due to being a seriously big rebel type, take no shit and listen to no one. When the collapse started he went to central europe and recorded everything he could, making his way east in a subconciously made route to make it back to the wild untamed lands of Chernarus. He knew deep down that freedom to report lay there. He was coming to that age where if he didn't die soon, he'd wither away like a nobody. Secretly, he was making his way to Chernarus to die in a final blaze of glory. Feeling like it was the only location worthy of him in all of Europe. He has the perfect skill set to survive but only a limited amount of years left to use all that he has learned in his life to make a positive impact on the world. In January of 2021, Barry Long boarded a smugglers ship to take him to the coasts of Chernarus. This time he was here to stay. This time he was here to die. But not before reporting on all he could! He's here to seek out danger at every turn, survive in the woods, put his life on the line and his skills to the test. Luckily his
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