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  1. Watch out for the wolves.
  2. I found one of those earlier... hadn't tried it yet. Now I know what it does xD @AlwaysGamer Will probably come in handy. >.>
  3. "I can still see your shoes..." - The guy who drove his car off backwards and whipped it back around.
  4. Just curious. I know a lot of people have that token phrase they always say... or some random thing said that was memorable.
  5. Bunnie


    I'll probably run across you eventually in game xD #hobolife
  6. Bunnie


    Thank you xD
  7. Bunnie


    Thank you! I'm just hoping to get whitelisted at this point. They will tell you if you are denied right? >.>
  8. Bunnie


    Thank you. Lol
  9. Bunnie


    Thank you very much. I'll keep that in mind. A second character would be way down the road for me. I still gotta improve on this one. xD
  10. Bunnie


    Thank you. I appreciate it. I'll try. lol
  11. Bunnie


    Yea, I figured that would be a safe way to do it. Thank you xD
  12. Bunnie


    Hello everyone! I joined this community in January but got sick before I could read much into it. I finally had a chance to fill out an application though. I'm kinda new to the RP Community Side of DayZ on PC. So wasn't really sure what kind of character to make. So.. I made a generic one I guess. I'll edit it more later when I figure out this community a lil better and where she would best fit in. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated. I'm still waiting on the whitelist thing but figured I would say hi in newcomer chat. xD
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