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  1. Cecil is an refugee from Warsaw who fled the country during a coup as he was political dissident and had come under the lens of the military junta who managed to either capture or kill his other family members before and during his escape. He ended up in Chernarus as he sought a climate similar to his home country. He also felt that the remote location would be a haven from any kind of political retaliation given his suspicion that the junta had place a price on his head. The lush forests of Chernarus are a place of quiet respite for Cecil. Before the collapse of society, he would spend much of his time exploring the woods, stacking stones and watching the wildlife. While he was never especially fond of killing animals, he would occasionally go deer hunting. It brought him a great deal of joy to donate most of his quarry to the local food pantry for dispersal among the needy on the isle. Furthermore his time spent in the wilds has proved mightily useful in the apocalypse, being able to duck into the woods and disappear from and would-be pursuers if he wasn't well equipped or simple didn't feel like engaging with a potentially hostile looter. After the outbreak, Cecil remained on the Isle and determined that he would work towards restoring some level of humanity and decency to the apocalypse. Always the idealist, Cecil also determined that he would not do so simply through peaceful means if it meant losing his own life or risking the lives of those survivors he would meet along the way. Cecil has some skill in general first aid and has quickly gathered experience in the practice of field medicine. He is something of a combat surgeon at this point and his skills in combat are competent given his desire to protect himself and those for whom he cares. His current goals are obscure though, thankfully, his idealistic attitude gives him a general path to follow. Now he appears to be nothing more than a friendly vagrant, though he hopes to prove his worth in any scenario.
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