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  1. Timur was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on the 25th of March 1998. But grew up on the steppes with his family of 4 with a nomadic lifestyle. His Russian father Sergei and Mongolian mother Narangerel, as well as a younger brother, Altan. Timur enjoyed his life on the steppes and was homeschool by his father who finished university with a degree in English Language which had him quaklified to teach English full-time. He taught in Kalmykia where he met Timur's mother Narangerel. Sergei taught Timur and Altan English and Russian since they were young while their mother taught them Mongolian and Mongolian Tengrism which to this day, Timur believes in dearly and seeks guidance from Tengri and recieves it by being one with nature whenever he is lost in life. Growing up a nomadic lifestyle, Timur was used to being diligent. His diligence proved to his father that Timur is well capable of surviving in the wild when he was left to hunt. At age 13, Timur was sent to live with his aunt in Ulaanbaatar to go to school. Growing up a fairly normal but poor life in Ulaanbaatar, he learned how to defend himself in street fights pretty well and learned how to wrestle fairly well from attending several festivals, even winning a couple of wrestling competitions during Mongol Naadams. The young lad got his taste in travelling when he finished highschool and went on a trip to Russia to visit the place his father grew up in and also on the way went to Kalmykia to visit his grandparents from his mother's side. A year later, he moved in with his relatives in Kalmykia and got a job as a bouncer at a local nightclub. Living a fairly normal lifestyle and recieving a reasonable income, he still wished to travel. Some years later, he moved to Chernarus when he got an opportiunity to work as a throat-singing teacher amongst the minority of Siberian-Turkic people. Living there for some time, he had to live through seeing his best friends die and his girlfriend at the time get ripped in half by the infected, it changed his view on life. He became less expressive of his feelings but learned how to appreciate people a lot more. "Eternal Blue Sky, guides me." - Timur.
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