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  1. Born in Herning, Denmark in 1992, Jørgen was raised by his father as his mother died in childbirth. His early years where combatable and safe. He attended public school until he was 16. After that he attended Danish high school (gymnasium) in Herning. Here was quickly branded as a bully and form a small group of close friends. At the age of 17 he was close to being expelled from school until he was assigned a new guidance councilor who put young Jørgen on the straight path. Along with his guidance councilor he attended several religious events and quickly converted to the Old Norse Faith. Jørgen signed up for reenactment class, learning to fight with sword and shield, as the old Norse did, as a way of controlling his anger and have a positive outlet for it. After he graduated high school he was conscripted into the army. After 4 months of basic training he applied for the Royal Officers Academy and was accepted with support from his captain. Jørgen was an average student and crawled through. As a young officer he served first with the Danish Artillery Regiment and then Jutland Dragoon Regiment. During his second tour in Afghanistan he meet with Asmus Skou, a war corresponded from Danish Radio and Millitary Police Sergent Kenneth Gunderson, whom he served with during his conscription period. Later their meet up again in Estonia during a deployment with the army where Asmus reported on the deployment. Here Asmus was given his notice and this was to be his last trip as a war corrospondend. This enraged him and he presented Lieutenant Jørgen Møller and Sargent Kenneth Gundersen where he would steal over a million Danish kroner and escape to Chenarous to live out his life there. Jørgen and Kenneth would support him and get a cut of the money. Jørgen planned to move his wife and his children there as soon as it was safe.
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