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  1. Hopefully we'll get our own in-house pack of vehicles at some point with the Defender, UAZ 469, Gaz and so on rather than rely on other mods for them. That mod maker doesn't allow repacks of his content though as stated.
  2. Came across a mod on the workshop called "Petya build mod" with houses, defences and so on in the style of Dayz Origins building. Although I don't quite know if such a thing would be allowed on the server via the mod maker or our side its worth a check. Instead of huge wooden forts filled with tents we could have our own houses and maybe homesteads. Something for you guys to have a look at, maybe have our own version if we cant use this one? Just an idea https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1908639275
  3. neshy33


    I’d love to see an ATV, maybe even park it in buildings because of its size. Although I fear it will be another Chernarus space rocket if its anything like cars currently.
  4. What became of this, or is it still an ongoing discussion? I much prefer wearing a Smersh vest with my Civilian vest and the anti-stab vest. I personally don't see it much of a big deal and if people want to stack the smersh over their plate carrier along with pouch attachments and then fill it with items then they will be jogging everywhere and look very appealing to bandits.
  5. I recall that too, after an update you could cut bushes down with them but would take 3 times as long and not drop a long stick.
  6. Just checked with the offline mode, seems to work but not with dayzrp mod?
  7. More of an observation, seems the AKM bayonet item has been broken? No longer finding it in spawns and the one I had in the inventory and also stashes have gone.
  8. Like many others I would like to see more Eastern European camouflage and civilian clothing. M85 Afghanka jacket in TTsKO (Variants of TTsKO and of course beige, olive and black) For extra insulation. 6B5 Vest in TTsKO and other colour variations, the infected soldiers already wear these ingame so CDF do use them. AKM bakelite mags, because they look damn cool, maybe a more common alternate to the pmag. Mapcase - Stores compass, maps, pens and paper. Ideal for Journalists I guess AI-2 medkit - Soviet surplus maybe single use capsules and morphine but less effective than auto-injector
  9. The TV blares away in the corner of the small damp apartment as news outlets warn of the pandemic that not so long ago seemed very far away, now outside on the streets and even banging at the door with more and more aggression. Ulman had been prepping . . . but not for this, not for zombies. With the power cut off, the windows covered with broken up furniture and the door barricaded from floor to ceiling with anything heavy enough to keep THEM out there. The clock has stopped and after an uncounted ammount of days passed and with food and water deminishing at an alarming rate it had to be done, with the barricades shifted and the door opened Ulhman stepped into a new world. A world anew, a world with no rules, no order where anything goes . . . the big reset
  10. No one saw it coming, first Zelenogorsk quarantined by the CDF then Chernogork, Elektrozadovsk as the unknown illness swept across the country. As Berezino began to fall as the remaining CDF scattered for their lives Stanislav and a few other Berezino Police made use of the remaining GAZ police cars packing them with ammunition, armor and equipment from the station and set off to Svetlojarsk. Before the group of 4 made it to safety they came across a manned checkpoint with skittish CDF conscripts, having heard the commotion over the radio of what was going on in Berezino the soldiers fired upon the police car killing the driver instantly as the car rolled to a slow stop. The gunfire drew the infected from the borders of Berezino at sprinting speed, Stanislav having sat in the back slumped down into the footwell of the rear seats as the automatic gunfire got louder as more guns joined the chorus but rather than turn the already ruined car to shreds the bullets flew elsewhere. The infected hurtled down the road at the conscripts, many being turned as the rest flee into the surrounding forests given chase by the infected. From what seemed hours the screams and the gunshots died down, Stanislav peaked out the shattered rear window having noticed the checkpoint abandoned, the early dawn light shining through the trees on a new day. Stan stepped out the car, grabbing the remaining equipment, making off on foot towards the North, towards the Russian Border.
  11. Last time I got robbed was at the Basha up at NWAF, before I entered the tent camp I stashed my pack (was a green assault pack) in the trees for safe keeping. But as luck would have it I was held up by a group of about 5 people, I dropped my rifle as told and they took my immediate items (Stuff in my jacket, pocket lint and such) after tying me up. After being taken up to Basha camp, while people looked on bewildered at the sight. They locked me in a cell for "Interrogation" basicly, they wanted to know where my pack was. Long story short I lost a finger and got hit by a bat, but they never found out my backpack location (I couldnt describe where it was anyway) they left me with my Orel Uniform and gear on upon leaving. Checked the trees for my pack and guess what... it was gone. As a last ditch effort I go back to the camp and meet two survivors in a standoff, generic Military guy and I guess a cross dresser? Anyways I find my Kalash still there with mag and not 1 minute later"Everybody hands up, drop your weapons!" I guess I stepped under a ladder that day. Tldr Got robbed, lost backpack to the void, found Ak again and then robbed by others.
  12. Right now, my character looks very downtrodden with damaged and muddy gear. *TTsKO jacket and pants *Anti-stab vest (Which Infected ruined in one hit) *Brown work boots *Green Coyote backpack *Mask- I mean Gorka helmet no visor *Ak-74 with wood furniture, who needs plastic??... Ill upload pictures later since my description is pants.
  13. This will be great, expedition to chernogorsk anyone?
  14. Ran out of the double doors on the prison island, the 10cm step was too much so both my legs snapped.
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