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  1. Tornike Ghavtadze was born in the Georgia, Tbilisi. He comes from a small family. His father was Security Guard in one of the popular clubs in town. While he was a teenager he loved workout a lot. He spent a lot of time to became stronger, He always wakes up earlier eating healthy, and going outside to run. When he turned 24, He moved out of Tbilisi into Chernarus. When he moved to Chernarus he was forced to support himself and started working as a waitress in a pizzeria. One year later his father got sick. He went back to Tbilisi. A year has passed and Tornike's father died. He was shocked and depressed because his father was a role model for him. Moving back to Chernarus, He continued his normal life, trained a lot, and was very motivated, today he works as a BodyGuard in Nightclub and tries to save money for his house and car. He met new people, he had a good relationship with them, they were quite educated people, they helped Tornike raise money and also helped him get a job in one of the best security companies. Physically, Tornike is in pretty good shape. He is average-height with olive skin, grey hair, and black eyes.
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