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  1. Maybe there can be a system implemented where clothing can be spawned by using an item, removing clothing, except for important pieces, from the loot table. Such as vests, backpacks, plate carriers, etc. That way, more can be added, without reducing the importance of loot. At the moment, I don't think it's difficult to find loot, I did at the start but that was because I didn't know where to look. Now you can find a gun very quickly, and the ammo for it too.
  2. A few things that can be looked into, - The Medeival Dayz Mod - Armor & weapons fit for the requested - MunghardsItempack - Ambigious mod - Creatures Of The Night - New PVE Materials - TheRanch Mod - Contains the requested helmets and some weapons that are fitting as well The biggest things here are the cosmetics, that I'm looking for, at least. Not necessarily the weapons.
  3. I'll take a look at the workshop, I know that there are Medieval Mods on steam that have some of the content that I was hoping to see.
  4. From my experience with a duo-map system, one tends to thrive and the other tends to die off. I don't think a 2-way permanent server is a good idea. But I think that a 1 permanent server, and 1 temporary server is a good idea. Have one up 24/7, have the other up for 2 days once a week, ONLY for event purposes, and with extreme differentiation in rules, loot, and content. This way a centralized community can be together and develop in unity, but a new experience is open literally every week. This is experience coming from ARK, a totally different game, so take that as you will.
  5. Hoi, I think that if we had additions of Horror Cosmetics to the game, then an entirely different atmosphere could be set for certain factions. It doesn't need to be very much at all, either. Here are some suggestions, - Dead body in a can - unpack a can, spawn a dead body. This body can be moved around, and roleplayed. - Hunters Expansion - Animals skulls, helmets and hats that resemble a steppe hunting party. Small antlers, large antlers, clothes that match this appearance. An eery look that might or might not be friendly, but sets a very clear setting that 'you probably should not approach that person.' - Horror based quests using these cosmetics. Setting alerts in areas to players that X quest is going to hit X area, and an active threat will be set by an NPC player run threat. In this circumstance, if a character dies, NLR does not apply to memory; and remains. An increasing threat should be used, not a static one, so that players actually have to confront the issue. I'm also working on a Radio Show Event. I hope that if we get more cosmetics, beyond survival things, I can assist in establishing these things. I think that the server will benefit greatly from a less natural flow of RP, to a calculated experience that lets large audiences experience something grand. What do you guys think?
  6. I think that if we set the precedent that your actions cannot be reformed, and they're black marked from ever even having the chance at recovering; you're going to develop a segregated group(S) and set up a strangled atmosphere. This type of practice is not an effective means of developing a healthy community of people that are working together towards the same goal. People who serve their sentences after prison and then have to serve even MORE punishments even after serving their times already, they are limited and wasted potentials. And what's sad is that these people COULD have the potential to do something incredibly helpful for their community. I don't know player history long enough to know any of you guys. But if you've served your sentence in the community, that should be the end of story, in my opinion. Skills in their department of choice should be considered on the value of merit. What I want to see in staff behavior is not virtue signaling. And I hope that other members can agree with me on this. I think Virtue Signaling can go to hell and die. I'd much rather see a calculated campaign that the Staff are intending on applicating for their community, so that in the long term, they're becoming stronger and healthier. I don't want the community to cripple itself into a whimper, where the last remaining few folk left are just same colors, different shaded people just keeping up the status quo. In the end, you'd have your feelings, protocol, and the last shades of people left in the community. Can we just take a moment to ask ourselves, what would be the worst thing to happen if we let Dan be a staff member? Or Dr. Bradley? I don't know because I don't know these people, or their histories. The first step in enabling somebody to recover from an untrustworthy position is by letting your guard down and trusting them. If you want to keep them down on that level like some kind of weird arbitrary 1950's India caste system, that's a good idea for security reasons. It isn't a good idea for growth and development.
  7. That response was aimed at Itsmez. I don't agree with the easy and simple direction of 1+1 = 2, end of story. People who boast being a realist aren't entirely the most logically tuned in long-term decision making. I don't think I've even responded directly to Ron, I just stated a vague opinion on the way that I believe things should be handled and how things will logically turn out by the way that we handle them. The bank is an analogy, I can explain the analogy. The bank is the people handing out punishments, the money or 'leniency' being handed out to people who don't even need it, because they're already following the rules will begin a filtering process that will occur throughout the years of this communities lifespan. The bankruptcy is the irresponsible behavior of the bank to be carelessly handing things out left, right and center. The effects of the bankruptcy is that you've got a filter in your hands, and you're eventually going to run out of dirt to filter. This filter has been going for years now, are you satisfied with what's left in the bin? Are you happy that all of the mud, dirt and grime that has fallen into the drain? You're not bankrupt, but you're left with something you either expected to have, unexpected to have.
  8. That seems like such a blunt, crass, and blind way of looking at things. I think the only value in your suggestion is people that already understand and follow what you're saying. But then that worth is just wasted, because there is 0 use for it at that point. It's like a bank throwing more money at the already extremely rich population, and then neglecting the people below them. You're going to end up bankrupt with that type of decision making.
  9. Sometimes the most effective punishment is not a physical, verbal or one that has the capacity to hold any weight. I'm not suggesting that there should be no punishments all the time and that we should just kind of shrug off the incident entirely. But I think that the people administering the punishment should be thinking objectively on future decision making and the consequences of their decisions. I don't think that it's a reasonable, or a rationale way of thinking about things, that somebody is going to improve if we give them a punishment. In a circumstance where you're having to do this, that, back flip, front flip, pet a dog, pet a cat, just to figure out the lie; it's either that person has picked up on a learned behavior because of an environment, or the environment is restricting in such a manner that it causes the behavior. In all of these circumstances, server management includes the guidelines and correctional guidelines of it's player base. If you set an environment where people will not receive a punishment because they told the truth, suddenly you're removing HALF the population that you would have to sift through. And then you can focus on the group of people that are lying simply because it's a learned behavior. At that point, you just have an option to make. Do you want to reinforce the behavior, and get that instant feel good decision? Or do you actually want that person to improve?
  10. As a solo player, I'm concerned about the 'big dicking.' The gang mentality is so incredibly harsh on the server, even though I like your suggestion, and even though I would also like to see less assault weapons on the server, and even though I would like to see less military from non-military groups . . . I feel like this would create an even bigger 'big dicking' from groups large enough to secure Major funding and end-game loot. If the odds of finding an assault weapon is 16, and there is 15 people splitting the odds of finding that loot, you have 1 chance and they have 15 chances of finding it. Also they have several vehicles, and a helicopter. If you lose your stuff because you're out numbered, that loss is infinitely more damaging if the odds are further decreased. Say that you have the odds of finding an assault weapon at 8, half the original value. Then you have 1 chance at finding it, and the large groups have 15 + transportation to beat you to it. Mathematically, it sounds better at face value but if it's visualized, this is benefit the groups that give smaller groups the 'big dicking.' I view this as a major problem. I agree, yes, if groups had less firepower, and resources weren't so abundant and suddenly became precious, large groups would not be as willing to just turn 95% of every situation into gun snuffing, command throwing, and torture starting sessions. But if suddenly resources became scarce, the small people wouldn't even have a chance to combat the already problematic gang culture on the server. I've enjoyed my RP's on this server thus far. It's just feels very tone deaf that such a large population of it's player base does not quite comprehend conflict beyond gun pointing, commanding, and torture. As a new player here, how do you think I might feel if all conflict RP's I have been involved in, have been that exact description, different accents, faces, but generically the same character on a barebones level? Please don't take my words as complaining, or I'm bitching, or I'm salty, or anything else. I just think that we can do better. I think that conflict doesn't require the same strategy used again and again. I've even found that it doesn't even matter if the person is armed or not, or has the capacity to defend themselves against groups. And these are wildly different groups. Chaotic Neutral groups. Lawful Neutral groups. chaotic evil groups. What does it say about our ability to produce a rainbow of experiences for our new players, if these drastically different Alignments that are suppose to be different, in the end, all act the same? And that brings us full circle to what you mentioned, Camo. How do we even solve this problem, with more or less weapons? I don't have the answer. I don't know how to solve the problem honestly. Do we make these weapons more readily available, making things seem never rare? Do we make them extremely rare? Idk. I'm a big ass noob to Dayz, and DayzRP. I think that we have the potential to change for the better, this topic might be a part of that solution. I just don't know what to suggest, or how to accomplish this.
  11. Page 5 *The writing is janky and everywhere, letters which required distinct turns have elongated pronunciation, giving the impression that writing with one hand is being used.* Well. I'm really fucked now, I guess. I don't know exactly what happened. I know beforehand though. I called on the radio for help from a doctor, just not from those Mexicans or the Berezino people. I thought that made sense, I was told that I was forbidden from going back to the east coast, and nowhere near the people there; otherwise I'd be killed. And that family folk just don't like me. They dumped me away without medical help, tortured me, beat me, and when I called for help on the radio, they got offended, found me, beat me again, tied me again, and got me into a car back to Berezino. Somehow, even though they kept insulting me along the way, stuffing pills down my throat and choking me by pouring water into my mouth when they knew I had a lung problem . . . I felt at home when I was a lot younger. I thought back to when I was real small. I don't know the age, I wished my memory worked in the same way others did. Or maybe mine works normal, and other people are just better at remembering than me? Do you know what it's like to hold your tooth brush and spend an hour looking for it while it's in your hand? It makes no sense, I remember some things perfectly, others not. I don't know. I'm not a Psychologist. I learned to read and write when I was 10. I remember before then though, I knew what the menus looked like on the games me and Vallen talked about. I understood the words, I didn't necessarily read them though. It's like when you drive to a Mc. Donalds, you know the sign. The smell, the taste, the excitement. Or just, in this case, the game and the excitement that I got because I was allowed to play for an hour, or sometimes longer. I got off topic again. I do this often. I'm tired, I can't keep writing. I'm not sleepy, but I feel tired and weak. When I lay down, I just Page 6 *The writing remains in the same condition as previously stated.* It's night time, I'm awake, and I can't sleep. I don't like the dark, but I don't want to talk to anybody here but Vallen. And I wasn't nice to him. I regret it. I don't really have anybody. Except for you, Tense. And I'm thankful that you're still here for me, even through all of these years. Where did I leave off? Yeah. So I was brought back to Berezino, they drugged me, I was glad. I thought that, even though I needed this surgery, they might have kept me awake for it. To punish me for trying to survive when I was a kid out in the wilderness; for eating a corpse. God, I sound like a fucking bitch. In a way, I guess I still am a kid. I'm getting off topic again. I don't remember what happened after I was put under. I thought I was hallucinating, but I woke up in Berezino with more stitches and patches than I had before. I tried to move an arm, I couldn't. I was told it was healing through all of the fragments that had lodged themselves into my body. Apparently Vallen fucked me up when I was under, trying to give me mercy, Spero tried to abduct me. But how did they know? Did somebody tell them on the radio? I was relieved, but I felt betrayed at the same time. Eventually, in my silence of staring at the wall, and occasionally upwards out the window, I felt as if I was relieved that he'd do that for me. I yelled at him for it. I broke down crying, I didn't have the strength to continue. My voice went solid, and his did too. He said it was hell on earth. After I told him how I felt. And the situation that these Berezino people caused. All of this happened because of them. Tate got fucked up because of them. I don't even hate him, I feel bad. And I was fucking wrong, dead wrong. That fucking kid didn't steal my gun. That Asian Stereotype of a rice picking *scribbled out entirely* gave a fucking 15 year old a fully loaded rifle, knowing he didn't even know how to use it, and sent him after my ass after they terrified the living shit out of me. And they acted surprised when two kids fuck each other up not even minutes later. I have met a man who jumped from a bridge, breaking his leg, thinking that he could land in the snow to break his fall. I met a girl that stuck her hand down a sink and accidentally turned on the disposal. I met a really slow girl who spoke like she was mentally challenged, she taught me how to write poems and how to play the Ocarina. I met an old man who couldn't tell me what 5 + 7 was because his mind was hollowed out by drugs and pills. None of these people are as dumb as that rice picking *scribbled out entirely* piece of shit. I'm so cold right now. I just . . . don't want to ask for help right now. I feel like, I don't know. Maybe. I'll ask the wrong person. And they'll punch me in the face again? Or maybe they'll choke me with pills again? I don't know. I'm just . . . happy to be alive. I'm just. Confused. Are they trying to help me? Why are they helping me? *The next sentence has ruined ink, making it difficult to read due to droplet of water* wh* did they inv*** tha* t*e to pick me up, save me, do surgery, and k*** me here- are they ***** to give Tate a gun to execute me for revenge? Fuck, I can't stop crying. Please just make it stop Tense. Page 7 I have an idea. I know that I'm not safe in Chernarus anymore. My reputation is destroyed, and I've done even less harm than those damn cannibals. Life isn't fair, I guess. I hope that you guys get them Vallen. I'm sorry they abducted those people. I hope that, you know. They weren't important to you. You sounded sad about your parents and family. I hope you don't go through something like that again. So, this is my plan, Vallen. I want you to know that I am thankful for what you've done to me, and I'm sorry if I hurt you. I didn't mean to use the boy scouts against you like I planned on keeping that information just to hurt you. I'm not like that, honest. And I didn't mean to say that what these people have done, is representative of your character. I just . . . haven't been able to talk for at least a week now. It's been gun in my face one second, a punch in the face the next, I'm choking another second, and I'm getting stabbed the other second. When I was with you, and we got to talk, I felt free. I knew that even if I yelled at you, and I treated you bad, you wouldn't punch me. Or pull a gun out at time. I didn't mean that I felt differently about you. I lied, really. I felt like, I don't know. If I had kicked you, or punched you, or made fun of your parents, you wouldn't have fucked me up because of it. Is that normal? Am I normal to have those kinds of thoughts? It sounds fucked up. It just felt normal at the time. I don't want to tell that to these people though. What if they punished me again? It's. Really embarrassing to admit, I have relationship problems. When I see people, I get so attached so easily. When I'm alone, I'm the same way with my possessions. When I'm with others, I feel conflicted. How can I give up my stuff and share with other people? But it makes me feel good. I met this guy named Victor, I offered him everything right away. Do you need food? Water? I have this water bottle I just found, do you need it? I have an extra backpack. It's worth a fuck ton, do you need it? Why don't you have a backpack? Ghost, you only have one gun? I found one over here- lets go get it for you. You're sick? I felt my heart stopped for a second. Butterflies, like I was about to puke. What if my friend died of sickness before we got to the hospital? What if I'm alone again? What if I lose my stuff? But without my stuff, who am I? When I told you about my family, and my past, I think it has to do with that. My relationship problems. I told you. But. When I was a kid, and they had sex with me, I felt secure. The next second, I'd take a brownie from a package of next weeks rations, and they'd hold me up like those bar people did, and punched my stomach until it turned blue and purple. I was helpless. You know that feeling when you get punched in the gut so hard, and the air escapes your lungs, and you just can't breath anymore? For like 5-10 seconds, you can't breath, it's like you're underwater and you're desperately trying to get back up to the surface. It's that feeling, but constantly. But then I did a good job the next day, and it's like nothing happened. And I got rewarded, and everything was great. I remember this one time, when I was real young, there was this new grand opening of a bank in Paris. It was huge, dude. Massive. When I did a good job there, I came home and I got a real big surprise that night. I got games, snacks, and they spoke real nice to me. That night, it was one of those nights where they'd put an arm around me after we'd do the thing, and we watched this movie called Coco. You know, the main character sounded like those *this line is crossed out completely* family people. Even though I didn't like it when they abused me, it was one of those moments that I felt happiness. For once. I got off topic again. I just wanted to tell you my plan, and I wanted to leave you with my Diary. Maybe you can find me on the radio when I leave? I plan on going north east. Hug the Caspian Sea, the map says Aktau. I don't know, is that a country? Says Khazistan. Is that a country? I think that's still Russia, isn't it? I dunno. I don't really understand politics. It's nowhere near here. But if I stay here, I'm going to die. Spero is looking for me, the Berezino people are going to kill me, and the *This is crossed out entirely* Family will probably torture me any chance they can get. I don't think anybody here is a good guy group. I got off topic again. Oh, I already wrote that. There's suppose to be a stronghold there. Heard about it about a year ago before I ended up here. The trip will take a week, maybe a month. It's 950 Miles, give or take. Maybe by a few hundred miles here or there. I'll hug a river. Think I'll find folk, easier distance. Technically less, if I had a boat. But It's around the Caspian Sea, at Aktau. Got a radio station there! I wanna be a radio person, that'd be cool. You know, I told you about the radio. Like, not the radio we use, the one in a car. Like, before all this shit happened? The French Pop? I wanna be one of those guys. Do you think people still tune in for radio music? Do you think they have Minecraft there? I want to tell them who I am, and what I've done. You know when I told you about that couch night that one night? When they put an arm over me, and spoke real nice? I want that. But. I want them to know what kind of person I am. Like, the real me. You know. You said I was a living, breathing human being. Not a Raccoon, like I described myself. But I want them to know the things about me, and treat me the way that couch night happened. That I'm always afraid. And I don't know what to do when I have nothing. I'd eat them if they were dead, if it meant I stayed alive. I wouldn't kill them though. That they knew I had eaten people meat before, not because I wanted to, but because I didn't want to die. I hope that they'll know and accept that I was responsible for the French Stronghold of Gloire being doomed, killing thousands. But killing the people that had been fucking me in every way imaginable since I was taken away from my family. Was it worth it? I don't know. Was I even 13? I don't even remember. I was just happy that it was over, and I could eat what I want, when I want. And sleep whenever I wanted to sleep. And I could have friends now, and I could talk to other people instead of being kept in the house everyday. I had hoped for that with those Berezino people. I felt excitement when I told them my problems, my struggles, I didn't want a pity party. Just. Maybe they would recognize that I just recently got into the real world. And this isn't the same world they've experienced. I was free the exact moment the outbreak got to an exploding point. I thought that maybe, one of them would be one of those couch moments. And I could lean on them like I wanted to lean on you while watching Coco. So, I'm leaving you my Diary. Check the Caspian Sea Radio signal for me, I'd like to hear you again. I uh. Just. Wanted to let you know that. I'm not a guy. I'm not gay, is what I'm trying to say. I don't exactly have tits, but I have something else. Honestly, I've never told anybody this, and I'm not sure why I'm telling you either. I hope that you find the Diary when I sneak out in a few days, maybe you'll check up on me, and see that I'm gone. Do you think I'll find my family on the big radio? I hope so. Can you tell Anna that I appreciate her kindness in saving me? She was the one that kept me alive to get to Berezino in the first place. I never got to re-meet up with her. I guess I'm just stalling because I'm not going to be with you anymore. And we haven't been together even 5 hours. I just don't know how to handle relationships. God.
  12. I don't think that's a very healthy atmosphere to set in real life or in a community of RP. People lie for a variety of reasons beyond just being untrustworthy people. Being unrelenting, and unbending, unable to be fluid in the favor of the benefit of the doubt that not all people are bad; that type of atmosphere is not amiable. It really makes you look like a bad guy in a movie, even if you aren't; because I hardly even know you. If you want the behavior to stop, you should act correctingly without being overbearing and extreme, and in the case of real life relationships; sometimes people have the requirement to lie. It's either built into them, or it's because of consequences of the conversation. In this circumstance, if you're just going to be throwing around punishments willy nilly and then that's the end of it then I honestly don't think that you should expect any different in the future. The parent who is demanding, cold and domineering (Authoritarian) will not see the benefits of their parenting unfold as their kids grow up independently from them. They'll get the pleasure of seeing the scarring, the depression, and eventually the segregation that comes with that type of child rearing. Likewise to the treatment of the people on this server, I think that should reflect on staff positions. People don't change because, oh no, I broke a rule. People change because there is a certain combination of trust, likeness and willingness to work things out. If somebody is lying, figure out why that person is lying. Don't go all rambo like yall do in RP and prevent conversation in any 4 way direction the person prefers. I just wished that I could say that I was surprised to see that more than 50% of you voted like a barbarian, but it honestly reflects perfectly on Sociological Studies on how people perceive victim-predator situations.
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