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  1. I've done some runs with LaterDays' non-Chernarussian character and the lack of things we found was annoying to say the least. Even when we had a vehicle we passed by entire towns and cities just to visit a small military camp because we knew that was where anything actually practical resided. I mind the loot system because I personally trekked from Olsha to Green Mountain and visited every town, city and camps in between during my journey and found next-to-nothing besides an axe and a truckload of gloves. A lot of gloves. Gloves on gloves, gloves. Gloves. The only valuable loot you're ever going to find on a coinflip is at a military camp, or with traders that usually take a nice long run out to find if you don't have a vehicle. It is just very disheartening to have visited the fifth city on your voyage to find nothing but gloves, an empty pack of cigarettes and a can of peaches despite ransacking almost every single house, shack, farmhouse, building, warehouse or apartment you can find. Of course, you can argue that is realistic. But I feel a slight increase in spawn rates would be nice.
  2. Don't lie in your reports. This doesn't need any warning, sympathy or rationalizing. You are literally lying to the administration about an offence, scenario that depends on the heavy or light punishment of the suspect(s) or could be even story-changing if you even lie about a detail that could tip the scales of judgment. Lying should be a heavy-handed offense, strictly because it is possibly the one thing you never should do. If anything, we need to look at making the punishment and warning system (if there even is one, I am very concerned if it's just a "wing it" or "council of the boys decide your fate" attitude) transparent to the public so we aren't confused or distraught on the varying judgment-based calls that happen in many reports. In my opinion, as someone who used to be in many moderation teams and even ran a couple in his time, the community needs (in my opinion) a clear-cut system and even the administration team's M.O. It is not a good look to be hiding the process behind closed doors, especially since there's a bit of complaining from the community over how GMs and pillars of the community handle regular joe's criticisms and questionings of the staff's actions and rationale behind some of these punishments. You don't lie to the police in your reports, and if you do, once you get caught that's a whole world of badness you're in for it. You can't complain about any snitch mentality if/when you file a report. You're literally snitching. If you're going to file a complaint or a report, do it 100% and don't lie or exacerbate details for your sake. This isn't a gray area to debate, this is for once a black and white policy that should be consistently carried out.
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  4. So essentially this is a "don't care" moment you've basically taken the time to eloquently write to me, no disrespect intended- but I have literally pointed out that because someone didn't appeal doesn't mean it's a justified punishment. Five days is redonkulous (yes, I don't care if it's not severe by your standards) for a shitpost note that no one but two people who passed it amongst each other in-game did. Again, this is textbook over-moderation at its finest and this is not a personal jab or an attack, it is just an observation. I'll toot my horn and say an accurate one. Just because the offender in question doesn't raise a hoot and holler about it doesn't negate any point that I'm making. I'll stress this again, that this is a very dumb and unnecessary punishment. And yes, I have read the rules. I read through each and everyone, just to reference your previous reply real quick. There is nothing that denotes what the punishment is. Usually you'd want to give a warning or a light punishment for a first time offence of something so miniscule. At least that's how I ran my hoedowns back in the days. Yes, I am aware this is not a community I'm experienced in 24/7 with hundreds of hours and first-name basis with even the freshest of spawns, and I am aware that this is not something I run or ever will, but this doesn't eliminate the fact that this sets a very odd precedent and yes, a "big brother" mentality heading into the future. What if I just state something off-the-wall in a note to a friend and find out I'm not allowed on the server for 5 days? Or I just type a comedic action for the mood or atmosphere the group I am with is in? Making jokes seems to be illegal with the way you're putting it. It seems you can only have obscure comedy or stupid humor in voice RP, and if somebody was that miraculously bothered by it they can file that complaint. This is a matter of nobody cared and yet admins still threw the hammer of justice down on it for no reason other than to look busy. Where does the 5 days come in, anyways? Why is it 5 days? I don't understand such severe punishment for a juvenile note that no-fucking-body saw but the two participants in the inside joke that they shared. And I'll say it again, no, I do not care that they didn't file an appeal. I do not care that they haven't complained about it. I do not care that it isn't severe in traditional DayZRP standards. This is ridiculous and over-correcting. I sound like a broken record, but these explanations and points don't seem to get across. And if these "warning points" and "standard punishments" come from anywhere that isn't the rules or newcomer guide (which I have checked and they only come with vague "punishment" mentions but nothing extensive whatsoever) then it is not my fault for having me go on a Easter egg hunt to find a hypothetical page that can explain to me what the admins would do and how they would do it in varying situations and scenarios that gives me context instead of confusion as to why two guys got banned for 5 days for posting a shitty UWU note to each other and that's it. If there is a page that explains the "warning points" system and the "punishments" that actually describe why it's happening other than "we did it and you can appeal if you don't like it" then fuck me, I must be blind.
  5. me being a fresh whitelist does not relate to the criticism of the severity the punishments are carried out nor how the crime is found out in the first place humor is a logical coping mechanism within any severe situation, again, with or without my greenhorn experience with a community i understand the "you never know who is snooping around" but in this instance this is a slap on the wrist if anything, a 'who cares' regard- and that isn't irresponsibility or lack of maturity or even 'terrible administration' at works, it is very nice that you guys are on top of even the smallest of infractions (such as this) but i am just criticizing for the most part the severity of the ban and even the hypothetical method of obtaining evidence for it, when i don't think anybody has stepped up to record to say 'yeah, this ruined it for me' the situation itself is ridiculous and the 5 day ban is even more ridiculous, there is no hardassing or anything of the sort occuring between us, in my opinion this is a prime example of over-correcting. needs more balance chief, this is a very asinine scenario balance of context + by-the-books should always be priority over by-the-books and little context
  6. but like who cares 5 days is obscene, whether the person punished says "it is okay" or not i'll edit by saying it is logical to have such punishments for a publically disruptive action such as notes being thrown around about the same type of behavior or griefing type of ordeals, but notes that were passed around between people in their own little small zones of rp for nothing but funsies is ridiculous, who are you to judge people's internal affairs when they are internal why? because you can see it in logs? is that what justifies it? logs? where no one in the ACTUAL roleplay sees it but you, who is out of character observing console? that's 5 days? that's cringe
  7. Cayden De Cordova grew up in Bradenton, Florida shortly after being born in Tampa Bay, Florida. A family heritage and history consisting of Irish, Puerto Rican, Native American and Black, led to a very loose lifestyle where he was owner of his own body and soul. His parents were very tolerable and open-minded, keeping only lines in the sand to never cross, which Cayden never did intentionally. Growing up to be more straight edged in life views, he dabbled himself in smoking and moderated drinking, maturing through his teens quicker than most. Surrounded with negative influences for most of his friendships, he still kept a firm stance on his beliefs and still retained many friendships with the likes of addicts and gang bangers in the heat of Florida. Having been rejected from enlisting in the military due to a mentally unstable family member stormed into many recruitment offices he frequented, shouting claims about him that scared recruiters off. Cayden had been forced to rethink his life pathing and turned to just jumpstarting his nursing studies. Taking small jobs and work to pay for his bills and schooling, for all that he learned he could not secure a job as an RN due to sociopolitical issues arising in Florida. Forced yet again to rethink his life, he instead took to a more lucrative job in a private military contracting organization after a brief stint in bounty hunting for his local government. Being trained to an adequate level, he took on the contract with four other men in South Zagoria after a couple of weeks of learning more about the country and its landscape. Reporting to South Zagoria via airplane, they spent their time protecting the client before the epidemic struck. Succeeding in their contract and looking to leave, they were denied leave by the country and were told to stay put by their organization until further notice. Yet as time passed and their equipment dwindled, one of them caught the flu and had spread it to the others barring Cayden. Cayden was forced to be in quarantine away from them and would be the last time he'd ever see them. The situation turned dire, and he fled to get out of the region to seek escape from the country and to return home to his family, whom he misses dearly.
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