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  1. Stanislav was born in 1997 in Zielona Góra, Poland, from a wealthy family. When he was a child he loved to travel and visit new, big places, with lots of buildings or landscapes to see. He was particularly disappointed by his parents when he learned they would move from Zielona Góra to Lipiny, which is a really small city nearby, but that didn't matter so much as when he began to go to school he finally could get more and more independent in his life, learning how to move and travel from city to city. He was getting used to walking for long times and seeing new cities so that one time he even lost himself while going to Poznań unbeknownst to his parents, which had to catch him in the traveling bus: this episode led him to begin to stay more in his city, finding himself a group of friends and a girlfriend, Ania, with whom he would spend the afternoons of his adolescence, going to the cinema, to the funfair and getting a lot of fun. This group really began to mean a lot to him, as he learned to make his way out from various situations thanks to his friends; he once was caught smoking with one of them by the police, but they managed to distract it and run away, without being properly recognized. They also tried to open an illegal store various times, without success. In this period he came into contact with Janek, a Chernorussian boy who often spoke to him about his country and his wish to come back there: he sometimes hanged out with the group and participated in their pranks, but he became particularly close to Stanislav, with whom he didn't just joke and mess around. Then it came the time for Stas to choose what would he study and do for the rest of his life: he decided to study medicine, having in mind to become a renowned medic and find a cool place where to work and spend his life, as a rich man. He put a lot of effort into his studies and began to take things more seriously, managing to learn three other languages: German, English and Russian. This was showing that he was no longer a kid. This is why he began to spend out less time with his group of friends, who began to stop calling him and hanging out with him. The few times Stas saw them he often had an argument with one of them. While going on in this situation, he had a terrible surprise learning that Ania, his girlfriend, who he always took more seriously than any other of his friends, was betraying him, and all of the group knew that: he was so furious he decided to finish the studies and then depart with Janek, the only friend that remained loyal to him. They decided to visit lots of cities and making themselves an idea: then someday they decided to head for Chernarus, Janek's home region, where Stas could find work as medic in a small city. Unfortunately, in 2019 Janek caught the Freenzy flu, and Stas had to kill his own friend to survive. Stanislav wasn't able to get into contact with his parents even in 2020. This was shocking, and from then Stanislav has only in mind to survive and find a cure for this disease.
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