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  1. Me My name is Luke Brown. I was born on September 11th 1995 in Uumaja, Sweden to my loving mother Rose Brown. I have no father for all I care. That bastard left my mother before my birth. Even without a father my life wasn’t that special. I was your average Joe. Later in life I became a PMC or a private military contractor for the infamous Academi. This was after my exemplary service in the Swedish armed forces that caught the eye of one of the higher-ranking members in the PMC-group. I later was discharged for killing a civilian on one of my assignments. After this I became a freelance mercenary for anyone willing to pay my bill. That actually is how I ended up in this whole mess of country. Just another job I thought. Oh boy how wrong I was. 2009 Even though I was only 14 at the time, I remember the Chernarussian civil war quite vividly. The Russian government backed Ethnic socialist Russian party took victory over the Chernarussian government and the CSR was formed. I don’t know why I remember the conflict so well. Maybe I had an aptitude for war and conflict even at an early age. 2016 My interest for conflict was met again in late January of 2016 when Lopotev, the leader of the Armed forces of Chernarus was assassinated by the Chernarus liberation front. As anybody could have guessed the Russian federation quickly rolled over to protect the weakened pro-Russian government. A second civil war was avoided, but the land was now under an even stronger grip of the Russian government. I at the time was serving under the Swedish armed forces and were prepared for anything that might happen. 2018 It was in early 2018 that I was recruited to the PMC-group Academi. I caught the eye of Thomas Green, a recruiter for the infamous group. I was given the position of a sniper. My job? To protect my colleges to the best of my abilities. My pay? Well let’s just say I could buy a high-end car with just the sign-in bonus I got. 2019 In early 2019 most of us were recalled back to wait for another assignment because of a god damn flu. Only later I was to realize it wasn’t just any flu. Thankfully in November of 2019 the vaccine meant that I was back in business. I was sent to Afghanistan as a counter-sniper operative. December 1st, 2019 I woke up to another of work at the NATO-owned camp Phoenix. There was news going around about a afgan sniper that had killed 6 members of US-army. I was sent to respond. I took position in a half-ruined 3 story building 500 meters from last know location of the sniper. 4 hours later I had another possible location of the sniper. I took sight, and there she was. As soon as the rules of engagement were confirmed I took the shot. Clean shot through the head, dead on the spot. As soon as I had taken the shot I heard someone rushing up the stairs to my position. Even though I was a seasoned soldier, I panicked and took a shot at the person who came through the door, a fucking kid. I shot a fucking kid through the chest. I was discharged from the group, but thankfully avoided a lawsuit thanks to the slick corporate lawyers Academi had. To be honest not having to face the repercussion of what I did, just made me feel worse. January 1st, 2020 After finally coming to terms with what I did. I tried joining another PMC-company. Surprisingly nobody wanted me, so I decided to try my luck on my own. Thanks to the contacts I had made during my time in Academi, I found many people willing to pay top money for a mercenary who asked no questions and did what was asked. My latest job was protecting a Saudi oil prince during his vacation to Chernarus.
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