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  1. It was my pleasure. I hope the Dancing badger is ready to hop into the ring now.
  2. A man's voice would come over the radio "I'm already the champion of Chernogorsk, might as well become the champion of Novaya Petrovka while I'm at it. Guess I'll come pick up my new ride on the 24th." The transmission ends
  3. The mans voice returns to the radio "You both better bring in your best moves then, for I believe only one of you gets to challenge me for the title." Transmission ends
  4. A confident man speaks over the radio "Seven times they tried and seven times they were scraped off the floor after. No one can beat the Bald Bandit." Transmission ends
  5. Looking AMAZING. Let's GOOO! I, Lucky Luke, give PK rights to the leader of the Duchy of Burnaya. In light of sufficient reason for my character to be PKed, the leader of the Duchy of Burnaya may have my character PKed for roleplay reasons.
  6. Bought Dayz, got shot. Wanted to loot without getting shot. Joined a RP server and it turned out that RP is alot of fun and so I stayed.
  7. I'm all for a wipe and a change in the loot spawns. I also think high-end guns like scar etc. should have a cap on how many can be on the server at once (don't know if there already is one).
  8. From what I've read of the groups The Masqurade seemed like a really cool group. But of course I also have to say that Asclepius was the best one.
  9. The Little Bird Čestmír was born to his parents Horymír and Gabriela in the small town of Stary yar near the Russian border of south Zagoria. He was the young couple’s firstborn child. Čestmír would go on to live a normal childhood, but much would however change during the civil war of 2009. The Bird and The Duke During the year 2009 tensions were rising between the Chernarussian government and the ethic socialist Russians. This led to the flames of war being lit on September 1st, 2009. Wishing to protect their beloved country, Čestmír and his father Horymir fought in the CDF ag
  10. First group I was part of and I have to say I truly enjoyed my time on both of my characters. Thank you to everyone!
  11. Amazing horror stories with @Craig and @Flynt. Actually made my skin crawl at some points. I truly enjoyed that.
  12. I also forgot to mention that it was active firefight where a explosion and shots had been heard for a while. So basically you were running into a active firefight. I don't think there really is any reason to run into a town where explosions have been heard. Sadly not.
  13. I had just logged in and heard an explosion. Radioed @Realize for help which after he went on to initiate on everyone in the area. OP came running at me with his gun out while in was lying down in a bush and I shot him.
  14. Lucky Luke

    People of Chernarus

    Oliver's collage on the people of Chernarus.
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