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  1. Coming from a family of engineers after being moved from the United States back to Ghana Ace did not have much going on for him at the time, he knew nobody since he was away for so long.. Ace had no sense of direction with his life and was getting tired of his situation. As Ace is walking down the street he notices a group of young men who looked to be somewhat wealthy, knowing they were the wrong crowd to be around he liked the way they walked around and carried themselves, they had "power" yet were rebels. Wanting to feel some sort of power and drive in his life Ace slowly starts talking to some of the men. Time goes on and Ace is staying away from home trying every day to prove his worth to this group. Ace knows he is not a bad person but is not incapable of becoming one to do what is necessary. Getting a chance to talk to the leader of the group Ace finds out what he is needed to do to become apart of them. There is a big score of goods being transported by boat, his mission is to get what he can to bring value to his name and for the group in due time. Ace is hesitant in his heart, but realizes this is his final chance to get what he was wanting. Ace sets out for the boat filled with about 15 other people, not knowing where exactly the good are Ace lays low... Little did Ace know this boat is headed to Nyheim, with no departure date...
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