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  1. I think i just needed to vent
  2. you will see it says i played one hour. Yeah well i had to kill my first 4 because of wrong model. In reality it took me less than 30 min to freeze to death. (With really good insulation while indoors)
  3. I went through so much effort. Stayed awake for 5 hours after getting off a graveyard shift, bought bronze, a super warm jacket using 9 euros!!?!? im at my hairs end and after all of that i get the model bug finally fixed and what happens? can you guess? YOU CANT STAY WARM IF YOUR ALONE! 55 people and i didnt see a single one. But not that it matters, i have no way to keep warm so i just die after i finally got a chance to start playing. Guess ill have to wait 11HOURS just to get the jacket back too... why do i put in so much effort when stuff like this happens. i put on a good insulated hat, a bandanna, gloves, best insulated jacket, medium insulated pants, then went inside......STILL DIED. how am i supposed to find people to rp with IF I CANT EVEN LIVE long enough to meet them? dont take this the wrong way but i need to vent this. I used to live in a place with snow 8 MONTHS out of the year. You would be fine with thick padding.
  4. Glutton

    Really new

  5. Glutton

    Really new

    Welp now im just waiting for staff approval. hope i get accepted.
  6. Glutton

    Really new

    Aaaand i just realized i need 10 hours in base dayZ......i like it dont get me wrong it just get bored with be base game. ive played before but i left because it kinda exausted me. Ever scince i saw rp was added i wanted to join in. guess i have to just sit in game for 10 hours. wont get to get on today sadly/
  7. hey im Glutton, i am super new to dayz in general but i only wanted it for rp. I cant wait to have tonnes of fun and great stories. Say hello!
  8. Doctor killan was born to south Boston parents, who were beyond scraping the bottom of the barrel. Hell they carved below it. His mother was often ill leading to him being forced to steal medicine. After his mother passed he joined the United states army as a medic. After two tours he decided to put his life into medicine and become a doctor. He Practiced medicine for a few more years in America then went to assist abroad when a illness struck. Now he is stuck with no way out. He has no choice but to do his best to help others whilst keeping himself alive.
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