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  1. Players with Geforce Now, also you can check posts with internet connection problems. You can make a research about it, I have seen posts on forum. I don't need it, I'm playing well. I've friends, who are trying to join, they don't have good pc and using Geforce Now, they aren't able to play with me.
  2. I don't really know how it works, but as they told me, they're just activating VPN usable thing on STEAM IDs - which means STEAM ACCOUNT. So, for example only my acc can use VPN IPs, but not you. I just have to request and maybe there could be more rules too, to get that permission.
  3. I see, that other servers have VPN Whitelist for people who's playing with Geforce Now, or have some type of problems with their connections. I don't know how they're doing it, but if I'm correct, they're activating it somehow on steamIDs. I'm not really sure. So, if there's any possibility to create REQUEST function for them, that would be very cool. VPN Whitelist, if he/she gets banned, disable VPN Whitelist on him/her and that's it.
  4. After a exhausting day, sitting at campfire and smoking some weed? Hell yeah, I'm in. +1 As I see some people think, that it's a zombie apocalypse and drugs would be unrealistic, BUT no one says, that your character needs some rest after killing "Deads" for whole day. And +1 to other drugs too. Just look at it, as it is new roleplay thing, drug roleplay, HIGH roleplay. If you guys don't want to smoke, just don't smoke, I want to smoke here. Peace.
  5. Luka Gabunia, nicknamed Baloo(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baloo), was born in Kutaisi, Georgia 18 December 1998 , in the family of Giorgi Gabunia, a Natural Resources Protector, and Ia Bakhia, a nurse. Gabunia was a depressed teenager since 2017, after he met suicidal girl on social media, while he was making his research on suicidal game named "Blue Whale"(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Whale_Challenge). Gabunia fell in love with her, this is when thing started… Luka joined Cadets Military Lyceum, things went worse, his problems were deeper and deeper. He was absolutely destroyed, but not only from love, everything was like a rot, one piece touched whole thing. Gabunia was dying inside, not because of love, because of everything. Luka Graduated from the LEPL General Giorgi Kvinitadze Cadets Military Lyceum. Gabunia tried everything to cure his depression, but thing was getting harder. 2020, Luka almost graduated from BTU and IT Step Academy, he was in Chernarus, visiting his relative, when everything has been started.
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