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  1. Wess Branson grew up in the backwoods of Northern Michigan, USA. His father was a Machine Shop worker, and his mother was a Mechanic. They Divorced when Wess was just a boy, him and his mom went to live on a horse farm with her parents and he visited his dad on the weekends. Wess learned a lot from his mother over the years about fixing their own vehicles and to ride horses along with taking care of and raising them. His grandfather was a US National Guard and taught him how to camp, hunt and live off the land deep in the woods. When Wess was 13 years old his mom died after fighting a rare Cancer in her brain for almost a year. It was a horrible experience and it really screwed Wess up Mentally. He Moved to his fathers after he started to act out at his grandparent`s house, he was failing school and getting into trouble with the local law. Finally dropping out of school and leaving home when he turned 16, he bounced around from friend’s house to friend’s house. Once Wess turned 18 he inherited his mother’s Life Insurance money. Now Wess started to party and blow his money on drugs and alcohol landing himself in jail a few times, then one-night things got out of control he was with some friends that killed a Man and tried to cover it up. Wess was on the run now, afraid they would try to blame it all on him. He took what money he had left and bought tickets on a Cruise Ship going to France, he jumped ship and headed towards Germany. Over the next few years Wess toured through Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine where he had met Annika a woman from Chernarus. Wess moved in with Annika in the summer of 2014 and they got married shortly before Chernarus become apart of the Russian Federation in 2018. Wess and Annika had a new baby girl in November 2019 life was going good until his wife caught Frenzied Flu and was hospitalized early 2020. Her not surviving the infection Wess and their baby were forced to quarantine. During a violent riot some fellow citizens attacked Wess and his daughter leaving them for dead, Wess woke up badly injured and beaten he scrambled to his infant daughter’s limp body and Wess was in shambles and not sure what to do…. Then suddenly Military Forces ceased and detained him and sent him to a camp by force. The Camp became abandoned and left others seeking assistance elsewhere, Wess went on his own desire and sheer will to survive in this new era….
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