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  1. 1993-2011 Bjorn Eriksson grew up in a town in northern Sweden called Luleå. There he lived with his mother Anna Eriksson, his father Lars Eriksson, and his two brothers Mattias and Hasse Eriksson. Bjorn grew up pretty poor due to his father's injury he got before Bjorn was born, hence he grew a strong attachment to nature and in his later years he will pick up hiking as a hobby of his. When Bjorn turned 16 his mother sadly passed due to breast cancer and this left Bjorn in sorrow for 2 years. 2011-2017 When Bjorn turned 18 he met a girl from Jönköping, she visited relatives she had in his hometown, it did not start out as much but later this will turn out to be the thing that helps Bjorn to recover from his sorrows. After she had left back to Jönköping Bjorn and this girl was talking over the internet for some time before Bjorn and this girl decides to move together down in Jönköping. The same year Bjorn decided to join this outdoor association. Fast forward 2 years and Bjorn got employment at the association where so he could teach people about nature and all the things he loves. While working at this association he will get to explore and discover the world and teach along the way. 2017-2019 At 24 Bjorn meet this group of people he soon will befriend and become really close with. Fast forward to 2019 this friend group planned to go on a hike, after a while of discussion they come together and decide to go to the Black Mountains in Chernarus. In late December they begin to travel to Chernarus when they came to Chernarus they started the journey in one of the towns. 2020 In early January they head out to Black Mountain to start the hike, fast forward to late January they started to notice the radio have been silent for a couple of days, and one of the group members thought it was some range problems and in early February they started to head back to what they thought was civilization.
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