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  1. Simon was a fitness fanatic training others to improve their own personal fitness requirements whilst improving others mental capabilities. Keen paintball enthusiast with plenty of experience in the field which lead Simon to being a vital member of the team due to his communication and leadership qualities. Decided to take a break from working and wanted to travel the world, floating from city to city and crossing numerous amounts of borders to visit the world in all its glory and to dig into the historic benefits of places. The last stop was Chenarus, which Simon had been researching the history of it for a long time... Simon did a lot of looking into the history of Chenarus with the Reformation and Reintegration and the Civil War being won by the ChDKZ and Lopotev and the foundation of the Chernarussian Socialist Republic. Simon decided to visit Chernarus in December 2019 and wanted to spend 2 months there as he had built up a friend base with a hostel group, allowing him to socialize and also adventure around. With Simon due to leave end of January 2020 but the familiar Caedesviridae infection, also locally known as Frenzied Flu, experienced a rapid resurgence. Putting a strain on healthcare and hospitals countrywide. Many elderly, immunocompromised and youth fell victim to the devastating mortality rate of the infection. Quarantine was initiated alongside a heavy police presence to ensure the populace followed government mandates. As time passed, military detachments were dispatched to various towns and cities, making sure to enforce curfews and regulations. Simon tried to quickly flee Chenarus, but the military had rolled into every town and roadblocked us in... Simon was trapped...
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