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  1. HI i was playing before the restart all was fine now when i log in i keep getting kicked saying my game name doesn't match what is this please as i was fine before the restart
  2. Doh! thanks for the reply dude, that's the only one that came up in dzsa
  3. Hi i am whitelisted but when i try to load or play the server i get this can anyone help me out please
  4. Borne and raised in the uk Ant was always fascinated with the armed forces an protecting his country when he got to the age of 17 he decided to join up during boot camp he was seen as a possible candidate for the special forces showing all the traits of an elitist solider he spent many years in the sas going on special missions to protect the world from evil then a special mission came up when he was chosen to go to Russia to help the nato forces to help with the Chernarussian Civil war when nato backed out of russia Ant stayed behind after falling unexpectedly for a beautiful women from the ChDKZ named Kristina then when the assassination of Lopotev they both decided they would try to build a small home for themselves out in the country away from the madness that Lopotev had brought to cherno and live happy and try to start a family once the official documents were signed by Putin and Bernarus to integrate cherno fully into the Russian Federation life seemed to going to plan until the Frenzied Flu outbreak although Ant wanted to start a family of his own he could not escape the burning desire to again put on his old uniform and try to help and protect once again so he contacted Putin to see if he could of any help Putin agreed but kristina was not happy that she would be left alone so decided to also go and help while at a armed military roadblock near zelino a call came through that a near by village had become over run with infected with only Ant and kristina at the roadblock one of them had to stay while the other had to go to help with the infected once Ant arrived at the village he seen all the local police and armed forces had been killed to turned to infected also he decided to kill them all to stop the infected spreading to kristinas outpost once he was sure all infected had been dealt with and he went back to the roadblock to meet with kristina only she was nowhere to be seen he called on his radio only there was no response can he find kristina before its too late while tryiing to survive the now raging infected zones alone ? with each new dawn bringing fresh challenges all he can do is try
  5. Hope you dont mind me asking but how long does it usually take to be whitelisted ?
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