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  1. how do i find out what my guid is? it stands at the joining of a server.. but just 1 sec.. how can i find out? thx
  2. Hey guys! See a short video of me, standing for my opinion!! Watch it and have fun! And screw the dragons!
  3. deldok


    Hi my clf members! this is a Video where i finally Show my opinion ... hf
  4. is the haven always on? or just sometimes?
  5. is there someone here at the Moment?
  6. I´m launching the dayzcommander and then put the Server ip into it. also tried it with the launcher. but always the same ending. i did the Server update and everything is fine... loading the whole new dayrp Content now again.. maybe it helps..
  7. Hello. everytime when i try to log on the Server there Comes the message "You were kicked of the Server" can´t join it anymore since the latest patch. why is this Happening? what can i do? thx for help deldok
  8. thank you rolle, you safed my day.. you Genius!
  9. Samuel launcher doesn´t function with Windows 8. :-( what installer you mean?
  10. so what do you suggest to solve my Problem??
  11. i Launch by dayzcommander and remote the Server adress. i function with normal dayz Server. dayzrp1 but now not with taviana
  12. Hello i have this Problem with Taviana... " You cannot Play/edit this Mission. it is dependent on downloadable contant that has been deleted.tavi, kh_dayztavrana, kh_maule" i can Play random taviana Servers with no Problems.. but this message come if i try to Play on dayrp! please help thx deldok i have Windows 8.
  13. i can´t join the server. it says i have version 1.62.. but required is 1.62.102678.. what to do now?
  14. so if i typed me code right in the white list.... i hope its enough proof to join u... if not... i´ll do it again... it´s such a long code.. u know ... my code.. not me code.... i hope u take spelling mistakes not to bad.. i´m from austria... the hills i mentioned were the alps u know... it was a hard time.. but i guess it´s getting harder now... since i left my truck, things turned out to the bad... the were these walkers .. everywhere... i went back to the mountain baracks.. but there was nothing much left.. there was no other goal to go.. but the cities... i went down there but it was to hard to get through there alone... so i need some fellows to find to survive... this whole situation is far to much for a single man!!!! to be honest.. my long term lover daniel died... in front of my eyes... that was the sadest moment i got through... not by this creatures in particular but.. by the escape from them.. he was my co driver for some years and we were in love... so as u realized... i´m the gay survivor! so i´m looking for some new love.... trying to keep the cruel reality from me... i hope there are no prejudices in the future!
  15. i have missed to tell me story in whitelist.... i´m 31... i´m a druck driver... i mean i was one... but after the monsters appeared i was scraed as hell... i had a huge of supplied in my truck so i drove up the hills hiding myself from the cruel happenings.. this was nearly a year ago.. now i´m out of it so u have to join the cruel world happing down there..... i´m looking for people who are still alive and support each other... so.. please give me a chance to help... i´m sorry this should stand in my white list if thing i do the right code.. but just skipped my story... was to enthousiastic... omg the was my first wrong spelling.. see my story above... i would so appreciate to join you... please let me join.. u won´t regret.. i´ll support the community whereever i can
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