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  1. AndreyQ, I'm very new to this server so I might not know how the staff team functions just yet, However this server seems really determined to railroad the rp, In real life you'd most certainly find silly notes and probably even spray-painted d*cks on walls, Not every person would immediately turn full Hannibal lector within 4-6 months, I won't name names to avoid conflict but the note was essientially this, "Wanna be my wifu", "UwU", I understand that this is extremely silly but who's to tell these people that they can't rp, in private, In this manner? At this very early stage of the apoc, Making jokes/light of the situation would/could be a very fundamental part of people maintaining sanity, To hold onto there old life for as long as they believe a cure may come one day.
  2. You are walking through an abandoned camp site, scavenging for food and supplies hoping that you’ll discover even a semblance of supply, this is the fifth campsite you’ve found over the course of just a week, Hell at this point it might have been a month, All the hiding, running, loss of life, Time seems like a concept made up in your mind just to maintain your sanity, or what’s left of it. This new world still boggles your mind, Humans once dead, Now monsters, Humans who are still alive being turned into monsters, These people have no humanity like the old days, When people would get mad over something so pretentious and trivial that they’d forget about it after a shower, People would whine and bitch about a simple honk of a horn, Now if you hear a honk you can only imagine a horrific scene playing out in your mind, At the beginning of this outbreak, You would hear hundreds of bullets whizzing through the city streets, You’d cheer as you knew the military was holding the line against this abnormal foe, But a year went by and hearing a single gunshot usually meant someone had ended their lives, Probably after being infected, Not being able to handle the thought of turning into a brainless monster, Hearing more than one meant one of two things, 1, A group of people were having a firefight, Meaning you’d have the opportunity to scavenge the leftovers, Or 2, someone was making their final stand against the undead meaning no loot for you and only the sadness of another human being added to the horde, Taking a break you sit down in a rusty chair, You did end up finding some valuable loot here but nothing noteworthy, A new knife and a European style sword, You’d always find these weird katanas but finding this kind of sword meant you had a piece of steel that happened to be sharp, Perfect for fighting the dead in the near future. As you are resting you notice a book laying on the ground covered in old blood, the staining seems to have aged quite a bit, which was a good sign, this camp must not be very active, you let your guard down and begin reading the book, it didn’t seem to be a regular book with all the pages filled to the brim with words, only a few pages had writing in it, you also noticed it seemed to be formatted like a journal, intrigued you begin reading the first page. “Day 37” I finally managed to gather enough ammo to go hunting, I’ve never hunted before so I'll probably need this extra ammo, I’ve still got my sword so if the Ivars attack me while hunting I can keep quiet, can’t afford to die by the hands of cutthroats or even worse, Cannibals, God I can’t even imagine my corpse feeding those fiends for weeks. Anyway, I’m going to catch some sleep, Maybe I'll wake up still human. You pause reading for a moment to look around you, flipping through the pages you realize this might not be the first book, looking at the spine you see a hastily scratched number 2, Examining the book further you notice what could possibly be a name on the front center, again scratched on with presumably a knife, As if it were scripted you hear leaves rustling behind you, The sound was coming from down the hill, You assume it was probably a zombie, Might even be the deceased owner of the camp still wandering the grounds. You grab the sword and slowly maneuver down the hill, as you get closer you see a man dragging the corpse of a deer, clumsily you rush behind a tree cracking at least 3 small limbs on the ground, “shit” you thought to yourself as you drop the sword, reaching for your 9mm you quietly cock the slide slightly back to check the chamber, you softly guide the slide back forward and suddenly the man calls out to you, “Hey, I’m no threat! Come on out and help me with this deer.” Surely this is a trap? Is this guy stupid? A million questions raced through your mind and you decide to take a quick peek around the tree, hoping to get a glimpse of the man calling out to you, looking around the tree you see a larger built man wearing warm winter clothing, you couldn’t see any paramilitary garbs or usual bandit gear, you also noticed a hunting rifle, almost on a whim you walk out from the trees with your gun back into its holster. The man showed no sign of hostility or even suspicion, you ask the man whether he is stupid or just clinically insane, the man laughs at your question and replies with a slightly more serious answer, “Honestly? Probably a little of both, you already found my campsite and if you were a bandit, you’d have either your hands in my dead pockets or a gun to my head, anyway let’s not chat in the middle of a forest, Let’s walk back to my campsite and we can chat while I prepare us dinner, oh you don’t need to be anywhere, soon do you? Going to KFC for a quick meal maybe?” You stand there in awe, you haven’t met a kind soul in quite some time, the last “kind” man you met was just trying to fatten you up so HIS meal could be more fulfilling. You listen to the man speak about how he killed the deer and this little banter on the way up the hill, both of you took turns dragging the deer and you arrived back to the campsite within 5 minutes, Deer this size are rarely seen nowadays so seeing a near 300 pound deer being dragged by an equally large man is even harder to imagine, You could tell the man definitely wasn’t malnourished, Nor did he seem to be thirsty, Before making the realization yourself however, The man spoke to you while gutting the deer on a rack, “Seeing as your staring at my magnificent body you’re probably asking yourself, Uh that’s strange how’s he maintaining his godlike physique, Well, I know how to hunt, fish, and those rain catchers come in handy, and the occasional wannabe bandit comes in handy every once in a while. You city dwellers always hated the idea of living off the land, well who’s laughing now! Ahaha, oh sorry probably shouldn’t joke like that, in all honesty it’s the dead who’re laughing, I’ve lost many hunts because a dead man finds my kill first, Hell, Even watching bandit camps getting torn through by the dead is hard to watch, even if the bandits themselves have lost their humanity. Hey wait a second, can you drag that propane tank and grill over here, we’ll make a deer burger with canned gravy smothered over it, you seem as if you haven’t had a proper meal in a long time, Not surprising though. What’s your name by the way? We may not see each other again but I do like to keep my manners” “Dutch” You reply with, “Dutch Featherlen” The man let’s out a minor scoff, “Dutch huh? That’s a pretty normal name but where the fuck did your family get Featherlen from aye?” You reply with “Well you could probably tell I’m not from Chernarus, just a white boy on vacation from America, thank god I didn’t get caught up in that mess, my family really liked obscure names, never could figure out why though, anyway you keep bashing my name, What’s yours?” The man replied proudly with, “Andervack Ordanwan, Born and raised right here in chernarus, City of Primorsk, and the black mountains eventually became my home,” You reply to Andervack with a short sentence, “kind of vague don’t you think?” Andervack turned around towards the grill and began hooking the propane tank up, and turning back to you, “Tell me a less vague version of your story and I’ll do the same, How the hell did you end up on a vacation to chernarus Dutch? You wanted to visit this shithole? Wait, how’d you get here you must’ve arrived during the first flu wave, right?” Replying to Andervack in a somber tone, “Yeah, you’re dead on actually, they hadn’t closed the airports yet and we decided to take a small, short vacation here, We’d won a 20-thousand-dollar lottery by the grace of god, well more of a curse then a blessing I guess in hindsight, We were so excited to see a new world but not even two weeks later the first wave started and we became effectively stuck here, We had pretty comfortable lodging so we were more concerned about our family back home, This “Flu” didn’t seem that bad so we figured give it a couple days and it’d open back up. Didn’t matter to us initially, we planned on staying here for around 3 months so a couple days of worrying again didn’t concern us, we only began getting concerned beginning of, half a month had passed and only news was of the new virus getting worse, at this point it was around the 16th of February maybe? Anyway, this flu started being taken very seriously, Stores were shutting down, Curfews were in effect, it was as if another plague was starting. I mean you know how bad it was being a native here, everything went to hell, but eventually there was a glimmer of hope, after all the rioting, chaos, I remember around September a vaccine had supposedly held the potential to not only treat the virus well but some company was nearing the ability to mass produce it. As you know, here in chernarus the virus was being beaten, there were still some cases but they were being treated swiftly. My dad had actually found work so we’d have more income for the time that mother’s vacation income stopped rolling in and our lucky money ran out, Things were looking up once more, Shit I even remember loads of celebrations happening, which thinking on it now might have caused or at least aided in the 2nd wave, yeah actually I remember we partied because it was new year's, A new year full of a bright future. And then boom, this virus fucking exploded, like it was angry we didn’t take it seriously enough! Cases of people literally biting people and becoming comparable to shit straight out of the movies. That’s around the same time people started calling them zombies or whatever term they used, I remember the hotel constantly pulling all the shutters down when the riots would happen and eventually it wasn’t rioters banging on the shutters anymore, the infection that my family thought couldn’t possibly touch us was right outside behind a thick shutter. Weeks went by of the same shit happening, Our Tv’s and power would shut off every once in a while, only to turn back on to show us worse news, we eventually knew we’d have to leave, And I don’t like to describe it but the building was evacuated, that’s when I lost my mom and dad, They didn’t die but in all the chaos I guess we ended up in the wrong truck going to different quarantine zones, Everyday we’d have to be tested and one day I just had enough, ran away and from then on it was history, The world ended and now I’m here explaining the end of my old life to a man named Andervack who is cooking the biggest deer I've seen in years.” Andervack intently listening, “It always sucks reminiscing on the start, how we used to complain about gas prices being too high, going to war because one president got angry with a prime minister, petty shit, by the way what kind of seasoning do you want on your deer burger? We’ve got ketchup and salt, That’s about it. You jokingly ponder as you consider your vast number of options, “I think I’ll have it with ketchup and a smidge of salt please good waiter.” “Coming right up” Andervack replied. After waiting for a about a minute Andervack hands you a Styrofoam plate with your deer stake situated on it, He also hands you a bottled coca cola. “Holy Shit!”, You yell out, “How’d you find one of these?!” Well, it’s not exactly coke I just remember the recipe so I’m probably missing a couple ingredients but It tastes just as good in my opinion. “I’m probably going to eat later; I’ll tell my little story while you eat.” Andervack says while putting his plate back on the now turned off grill. Andervack begins speaking, “During the beginning I was still in the chernarus army, I had just finished my mandatory service, guess at the time I just continued my service because I had nothing else to do, I had always wanted to join even as a little boy, A marksman is what I aimed to be one day, so on my 10th birthday by dad handed me a .308 winchester, the very one I have here, and he just took me hunting, Said If I wanted to join the best unit I’d need to start training early. After 6 years of practice and hunting, my mandatory service was due, trained my ass off and eventually I joined the 320th as a designated marksman, spent 6 years with a smaller team from that battalion and after signing another contract I was in for another 8 years. Didn’t see very much combat for a while but seeing as I’m still alive, I guess what little combat experience I have the training seems applicable against common bandits. Just like you everything went sideways in seemingly no time at all, A new virus had been discovered and at the start our daily training was held in smaller groups then next thing, We’re dealing with riots and protesting,” While listening you finish your meal and place the plate on the ground still fixated on the conversation. “After endless riots, Command mentioned that the next protest might be violent, we didn’t know at the time that some of these, “violent protestors” were actually infected personnel, luckily, I was essentially non-existent on the ground as I was positioned on an office building in case any guns were pulled, then we just started firing, Rioters hit the ground, some fleeing. Our lines had been decimated extremely quickly, I emptied my mag into the mass that was at the time just “Violent Protestors”, We got the order to retreat at will and I just ran, got off the building and got the fuck out of there. I might have been considered AWOL but I guess now It really doesn’t matter huh?” After more back and forth about each other's journey, you notice the sun starting to fall from its perch high in the sky, You and Andervack begin telling your farewells when you both hear leaves crunching and twigs snapping, Zombies had begun ascending the hill from the south. While looking around for an escape a zombie manages to sneak up behind you and bite your leg, Stabbing the zombie to death with a fork you begin falling into hysteria, quickly rushing back to your side, Andervack and you realize that your end would be on top of this hill, Andervack quietly speaks to you, “I am so sorry friend.” He goes to the middle of the camp, revealing a tarp covered in leaves. He pulls out a large mountain backpack out of a big hole, you watch him throw the bag over his shoulder after pulling grenade out of the side pouch, running back to you can hear the zombies nearing closer and the pain in your leg growing immensely. Not 5 minutes ago you were both trading stories of old stories, Funny and Sad alike, now you are trading a 9mm for a RGN hand held grenade. Handing you the grenade, He speaks a final time before escaping the horde, “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, Give those bastards a second coming.” Your story has ended, Never to know what will become of the world. Andervack continues his story after losing a newly found friend, The zombies envelop you, Pin pulled, this is the end of one story and the beginning of an unknown new chapter.
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