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  1. Childhood: Dmitry Bondar was born in 1990 in the tiny Village of Vyshnoye, Chernarus. For most of his childhood he and his brother Sergey would explore the woods with their father Viktor, who would teach them how to live off the land and provide for themselves, Viktor was a police officer in Vyshnoye and wanted his children to take after him in protecting their village. In 2009 both Sergey and Dmitry would fight in the liberation war with the chDKZ. The liberation war: Dmitry and Sergey would see a lot of fighting during the war Dmitry getting shot in the shoulder in one of the many gunfights they would see but Sergey was untouchable a much better shot then his younger brother, Sergey would run from cover to cover, his kill count up to double digits whilst Dmitry having been shot, cut, and bruised had barely fired his weapon and when he did he missed although this was mainly out of fear of actually hitting someone. Nearing the end of the War Sergey and Dmitry were separated into different units, Sergey's being more on the front lines while Dmitry would help more with maintaining resources as his combat skills were lacking at the time. The better equipment from the Russians was making this war come close to ending in barely a year, a few days before the end of the war Dmitry would be notified that his brother Sergey along with his squad were captured and executed outside Chernogorsk, Dmitry would always blame himself for this and for a time would refuse to return to his village of Vyshnoye, and 2 years later would join up with the RAC. The RAC & the Hrůzy Terrors: Not too long after joining RAC Dmitry would step up his game in his combat abilities showing how capable he was with a rifle and would help with apprehending and arresting possible war criminals from Napa, and CDF. Dmitry would see first hand the violence some of these “War criminals” got under the Lopotev regime, but Dmitry didn’t know of these men were war criminals or not all he knew is that each one he saw die or thrown in a cell to rot away the rest of their lives brought him some closure even if he wasn’t the one pulling the trigger, most of the time. this time of closure that Dmitry experienced would be known as the Hrůzy “Terrors”. With the death of Lopotev, Dmitry would experience more violence against smaller militia groups although with the RAC now leaderless, a discord would grow between Dmitry and the RAC but Dmitry decided against his better judgment and stayed with them. Russian military service & the outbreak: In October 12, 2018, Chernarus would be integrated into the Russian Federation, Dmitry saw this as a perfect time to leave the RAC and join up with the Russian military, he would later be stationed back in Chernarus by the time the outbreak started appearing in the region to help a unit operate better in the chernarussian terrain. As the outbreak worsened in Chernarus, Dmitry would call his father after many years of not talking to him they would continue communicating like this until 2020. With the situation getting worse and worse in Chernarus by the month Dmitry, currently stationed on the chernarussian border and not hearing anything from his father in a month would abandon his post and attempt to make his way back to his home town. After making it back to Vyshnoye Dmitry would find his father, but not in the state he wishes he had. Viktor and many of the town's occupants had fallen to the infection, and Dmitry was forced to put them down, this would mark Dmitry’s first up-close encounter with the infected as any previous encounter he had with them was from the scope of his rifle. Dmitry’s last hope is to protect the town like his father would’ve wanted him to.
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