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  1. Fjord Erikson R.I.P 2001-2021 Cause of death: A 308 Bullet to the chest Last Words: "I'm sorry Mary...do it, don't be afraid." https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6034/
  2. I, Lars Vintar (metalonmax), give PK rights to any of The Brothers and The Pure if my character ever leaves or betrays the group as long as it's still up.
  3. Hans! Get the biggest flammenwerfer we have!
  4. Best luck to you guys! @[email protected] Fjord is with you ;(
  5. You tell me that you wanna make a train system for the map? *Metro Exodus intensifies* Take my money and do it! +1! Jokes aside, great idea! But I thing a ride on such a train should cost rubbles and maybe someone with waay to much time could even roleplay as a train driver
  6. My name is Artjom, Artjom Wolkov. The day the fire started raining from the sky, was the day I learned something about the human race. We are all equally fucked! That weekend I wanted to go on a hunting and fishing trip with my son Ivar and his girlfriend. I drove our old car to his girlfriends place to pick her up. We drove past the old beautiful Moscow metro station and in that moment the sky exploded. As I would later learn "NAPA" had fire bombed Moscow to aid the CDF in their "Liberation War", but in that moment nothing mattered but the survival of my son. One of the fire bombs did h
  7. Svetlo talent show! The hostage situation with @Poster @cas and @Drbeans that turned into my character working with them and ALMOST making out with charlotte Two days ago when @AlexiBlazgovic did send his long time friend Fjord Erikson to Valhalla... ;( Oh and when @MrDolly (Candy) locked Nemo in a room... I shot the door open and followed you though the woods.. I almost had you!
  8. Was just an Idea Sadly I don't know what is and what isn't possible with DayZ.
  9. Lets be real, zombies are not a danger. You just pull an Obi Wan at them and spray them down with your AK. What I always thought is missing from the game are like The Walking Dead zombie hordes or just in general zombies that are harder to kill. I don't know if thats only my opinion but I'd like to see Zombie Hordes and maybe even multiple types of zombies.
  10. //Childhood Lars was born as the son of Erik and Alice Vintar in Stockholm. He had a good childhood and his parents loved him and cared deeply for Lars. By the age of 10 he was bitten by a common European viper, this viper is not that dangerous but Lars was hurt badly by the bite. Since that day he fears snakes. //Teen Lars was an intelligent young man however he liked to spent his time with getting into trouble with the police and not studying for school enough. One event should change that again and bring him on the right track, and that was that he fell in love with Lilly.
  11. I know that mod from another server, its great. +1
  13. Well, I will never lose that again 9mm goes brrrrrrt
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