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  1. //How Fjord was born Fjord was born in decemeber 2001 as the son of Erik Boehm and Ivy Karlsdatter. His father was a Panzerkommandant in the german army and got his mother pregnant by accident. Erik had a beer in a local bar in Narvik in April 2001 and flirted with Ivy, at the time both of them were only 16-17 years old. They liked each other a lot and so Ivy decided to take Erik home with her to give him a place to "sleep" for the night. For both was clear the only thing that could happen between them was One Night Stand because Erik was a Soldier and everything but a family father. They used a condom but.. well accidents happen! And 3 weeks later, Erik was long back in germany, Ivy realised she was pregnant! Obviously there were no Mobiles back in 2001 and they did not exchange any form of contact opportunity with each other, so Erik never knew that he was a Father! Ivys father, Karl, decided to help Ivy raise Fjord and took care of him as one of his own. //The early years Fjord was an introvert, he never really liked playing with the other children in the Kindergarten. He was more about spending his time with reading books about nordic mythology and was a big fan of Odin, Thor, Tyr and Frey. The nordic mythology should influence his religion, actions and his point of view on death. When he was old enough Ivy and Karl told him about his father and the circumstances under he was born and raised. Fjord coped well with it and wanted to know everything about his father and was very interessed in german language and traditions. Fjord did what he always does, he read books and learned a bit of german. //Karl as a father figure Fjord and Karl had an excellent realtionship and went hunting in the deep norwegian forests together. He learned how to survive in the cold freezing winter and how to hunt and live from the wildlife. Karl played gituar and Fjord was learning to play drums at the time so that they could jam together. Sadly Karl was already very old when Fjord was born and died when Fjord was 14. Karls love for Fjord was great and Fjord will always remember the fatherfigure he was for him. //Teenager Fjord was 16 now and his asked his mother if he could visit germany to search for his father. Ivy was ok with it and so they decided to take a week off school and work and travel together to Eriks homecity Soest. Sadly, they found out that Erik was officially killed in action in chernarusian civil war in 2009. For Ivy the search was over but Fjord could not let go. Eriks corpse was never brought home from the battle of the pit, so there was an oh so little chance that the KIA report was wrong. Fjord wanted to believe that his father was alive in chernarus and he should be right. //Adult Fjord turned 18 and finished his school. He decided that he will take a job for one year as a Hunter for Narvik so he could pay to take a plane or ship to chernarus. By the age of 19, he could finally afford it and promised Ivy that he would be back in a few weeks. He took a flight from Narvik to Warsaw and from Warsaw to Balota. He did spend a bit of time in balota looking for his father and asked locals for a man by the name 'Erik Boehm'. No one knew him so he decided to move on to Chernogorsk, east of balota, to try his luck there. But during the first night in Chernogorsk... all hell broke loose //General information on Fjord Fjord sees himself as some kind of "Modern Viking" and believes in an honorable death and life. He is an introvert but very intelligent, finishing school as one of the best. Fjord is very skilled with bolt action rifles as well as with pistols and hunting shotguns but he never served in the Military or has fire fight expierence. His nickname "Midgard" represents his bounds with nature and his love for animals and the gods. He plays drums! Nice! Fjords favorite song: "Rise above the mountains Light a fire in the sky For the blood is running still From the roots of Yggdrasil Rise above the mountains Light a fire in the sky Carry me to the hill To the top of Yggdrasil" https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-5769/ His father Erik Boehm Profile song is "Yggdrasil" by Brothers of Metal.
  2. Ok, I know that this sounds very unlikely, but my char was never informed about any hostage situation ingame our outgame. I also did not meet Hdragon in game. I was standing in Olsha when I saw MoreNerd running past me with a gun drawn, out of curiosity I decided to follow him but lost him near Olsha again. As I was alone I decided to make my way down to Berenzino for some supplies like food, water, duct tape and what ever I could find. As I was in the woods and wasn't that sure where I was I decided to just walk south cause I knew that would take me to Berenzino sooner or later. Thats when I ran into this situation. I know this story might not seem very likely but I guess the fact that I say "Wtf is going on here" ingame as you can hear on the Videos and that I did not approach with any weapon drawn our with any cover at all (I did not know about Wyatt and the others being close) makes it a bit more less questionable. The fact that Nate instantly knows who I am is because I met him a day ago and I did not change my outfit. You know like the red mask I'm wearing, of course he instantly knew who I was.
  3. 4.6 - Bullet Point 4 - Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers. I can see your point HDragon. But only for the other two hostages as I wasn't the approved group of anyone and my Character is also not allied with the guys at olsha. Erik( who was allied with them) died two days ago and my new Char, nemo, had just met these people.
  4. Well my POV is that I got taken hostage for no reason and killed for no reason. I'm not part of the group as you can see in the Video as I'm not wearing a blue armband and I also don't have one on me right now in game. So what you did was yelling "Leave dude", I back off a bit, you yell again "Leave", and I left a bit more. Then you just pointed your gun to my head and said hands up. I do as you said and get shot in the head by HDragon. And by the way HDragon, I never met "Callahan" in game, so you can't even know that I was kinda friends with them. You just executed an innocent guy you didn't even know was part of any group, for no god damn reason other than him being in the wrong spot at the wrong time... So in other words, you had no kill rights on me.
  5. Max was the only surviver in a plane crash and got stranded in chernarus. He is an orphan and also has no known family or friends, he wanders the apocalypse alone and is very sad and depressed about it. His last name Nemo is not his real last name, his real last name is unknown. He gave himself the nickname "Nemo" meaning "no one". He is not a skilled fighter or surviver.
  6. I was a lower ranked officer in the german army. To be more specific, I was a Hauptman in the Panzerbrigarde 21 "Lipperland". When the Civil war happend in 2009 I and the Brigarde were send to chernarus as part of the NATO forces. We saw a little bit of action in Chernogorsk but nothing to crazy. It was an ambush but it clearly wasn't planned well, we got out of it with some smaller wounds and carried on. The next chapter of my military service is darker as I and my men were part of the famous battle of the pit. I've never seen such brutality, we had the upper hand but we lost so much. Talking about what I saw us and the enemy doing is hard and even today the pictures hunt my dreams. Shortly after the battle of the pit in Kirovograd all NATO forces were send home due to russian aggression and NATO not willing to provoke WW3 over a little state at the black sea. That should be where my storie as part of the NATO forces end, but it doesn't. In the battle of the pit I was commanding a Leopard 2, the newest main battle tank in the german armed forces. To this day I do not know what wounded me on that day but since the 16th December 2009 I have a piece of metal in my left arm. I guess it was a grenade but I'm not certian because I blacked out secounds later. About a week later I awoke in a hospital in the Pavlovo military base north from Kamenka. The nurse, carolin was her name, told me that I barely survived the battle. I can only assume that my crew abandoned the tank and left me there because they thought I was dead. My dog tags where missing so I'm pretty sure I was officially KIA. Carolin told me that NATO left Cherno a few days ago and that I was "scattered" or abgesprengt. At least that is what we say in the german army. It means that you have lost your division and you're alone behind enemy lines. I was weak, I wasn't even able to speak properly but I was lucky that Pavlovo was still held by the Republic... but that was about to change. Three weeks later the Russin bear attacked Pavlovo even if military presents by the republicans was low and it was mainly a hospital now. The Republican armed forces stood no chance, without proper leadership they were just overrun. Carolin and I became good friends and later we should become lovers. I had recovered from my wounds and just as carolin had saved me, I was it who saved her that day. I had killed before but the I will never forget the face of the man I killed that day. I still had my FX45 and as we all tried to get out of pavlovo a Russian soldier stopped us, he wanted to know who I am and pointed with his Ak47 at my head. With my hands in the air I told him that I just was an injured citizen of chernarus trying to flee from the war. He obviously didn't believe me as I don't look eastern European at all, so he came closer and said to me "I always thought NATO forces never leave their men alone?" My Heart froze, he knew! He turned around, I guess he wanted to shout something to his comrades. I should never find out, I pulled my gun out of my jacket and shot him in the back 1..2..3..4..5 Times. He collapsed and his unifrom turned red. "Run" I yelled to carolin and the others. What was I supposed to do? I had maybe 20 Rounds of ammo left and I was facing more than 40 Russin soldiers, no way I was fighting them. Against all odds we escaped to Maryanka, east of Pavlovo. The civil war ended in January 2010 but I couldn't just return to germany. I had no passport or anything that would allow me to travel. So, as I said before me and Carolin went to Balota and acctually lived there for 10 years and became lovers. We always had to hide but we managed to never get caught. If anyone had found out that I was an Ex NATO Soldier I would have been shot on sight and then it happend. The date is the 2.12.2020 and I don't know what happend but later I heard a Soldier talk about an Apocalypse! We tried to get on a plane from Balota to god knows where. Well we failed and carolin was taken prisoner for trying to steal military equipment, she was taken on one of the planes, they were flying for Tisy, a military base in the North and the "last save point". They didn't capture me and I escaped from the airfield. All I want is to find carolin, get on a plane and fly back to germany to escape this wasteland and reunit with my family! //ooc Pls excuse my english I'm not a native speaker
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