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  1. He was born in the summer of 98’ in London to a poor working class family living in Streatham. Streatham is known for its poverty in areas and the gang violence. His dad left early when he was just 2 so he never got to meet his dad and his mum was always out the house working multiple jobs just to pay the bills. With his parents not being present the work was left for his older brother. Unfortunately his brother got involved in the local gang very early on and when Tyrell turned just 12 his brother was quick to induct him into the gang. Over the next few years Tyrell's Brother ran the gang to perfection. He got a new turkish supplier for drugs and recruited loads of new members to sell them. With all this success came rivalries and violent fights between them and the neighbouring gangs broke out. With all the money brought in from the drugs they had the resources to fight the other gangs and even wiped out one of the small gangs near them. All this success made them one of the most infamous gangs in London. But in a life of crime success doesn’t last very long. On the night of new years in 2019 his brother after leaving the club was making his way home when he was ambushed by a rival gang and stabbed to death. Tyrell was devastated. His only real friend and family member had just passed away. Tyrell, now being 21 years old, took over as the leading member of their gang, a position his brother once held and he was out to seek revenge on the people that killed his brother. But he was going to need more resources like weapons and people to wage an all out war on the gang responsible for his brother's death. He decided to take his brother's steps even further and decided to go meet his Turkish supplier directly at the root in Turkey thinking he could get an even cheaper price on the drugs allowing him to make an even greater profit. So in December of 2019 he got on a flight to Istanbul to meet their supplier. But things took a turn for the worst. Words of an outbreak had already been circulating but Tyrell thought little of it. On their approach into Istanbul the flight was told to turn around as the outbreak there was getting worse and worse. With no other option the plane turned around and flew towards Chernarus over the black sea in hopes they could land and refuel. However a huge storm developed over the black sea and their plane with low fuel was no match and they crashed landed in the sea. Tyrell woke up on the beach a few days later with nothing but his tracksuit and jacket.
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