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  1. Born in the Rural town of Sanok, Poland Janek would live with his Grandparents. Quite coincidentally, his Grandfather would be part of the National Hunters Association in Poland. He would be taught how to shoot, and how to hunt and similar things like that. He enjoyed it in his childhood, hence he got his own license when he had been of age. He would then begin going abroad to hunt, and due to the travels he went on, he got quite fluent in English. This opened up more opportunities for him to go abroad, hunt and come back. He hunted everything, although he started with simple hares, birds and whatnot. For practice, he went on his Grandfathers land to hunt anything from wild geese to boars, red fox and eventually ending on wolves before he went on a small trip to Canada to have a go at a few of their local animals such as white tailed deer, Moose (Meese? Mooses?) and eventually he had decided on a a larger bit of game, of which was a black bear. Afterwards, he had to go back to Poland, but his hunting endeavors had not been over. So, when the moment came that he could afford to go hunt, he did! What was he after? A brown bear, that's what! So, he went on a trip only to not be able to go back to Poland. Now, he may have to hunt for more than just mindless animals.
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