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  1. Sylwester Los (Syl) was born in a hospital in Wroclaw on the 31st of December 1990. He has only 3 very specific personality traits, that can be both good and bad for others travelling alongside, he's self-reliant, observant and confident. His parents Wieslaw & Ludmila Los, both passed away during a horrific car accident when Syl was 8, he didn't take it very well and even though everyone around thought he was dealing with it fairly well, he was dying inside. That's how he developed his first trait, self-reliant, because nobody is going to be there for you when you really need them, since everyone only see what they want to see. Sylwester grew up in his grandparents house, under their care he reached the career he always wanted, he entered the army soon as he turned 18, completing his treating boosted the confidence he already was full of. Syl served in the Polish Army for 8 years but despite his efforts and great results he was never sent out on a mission he dreamed of, after being overlooked once again he decided to go on an adventure so he visited a lot of countries before he settled, in 2018, he went to Russia where in May he met his wife (never formally married) when doing his daily shopping. This was something like out of an old movie, where he sees a girl and instantly feels like their paths are meant to cross. Sylwester never returned back to Poland after he met Izidora, and he never looked back. During the pandemic they both went to visit Izidoras parents in Chernarus as they wanted to be together during this crazy time and so they stayed there throughout this madness. Her mother was taken into hospital in February 2019 due to the symptoms where she passed away and her father however died in June 2019 by one of the "aggressive individuals" as described back then. Thinking this year cannot get any worse, being locked out in Chernarus without a safe place to go, they hide out in Izidoras parents house until suddenly things calm down in September. After Izidora died in April 2020 when second month pregnant Sylwester took to the streets with the protestors, his skills allowed him to survive but after a close encounter with the army he decided to stay low until a long awaited peace. Things didn't calm down but quite otherwise actually, so after the Blackout in September, Sylwester saw this lost cause but willingness to live forced him to fight his way out of the city and established himself in the forests where he could use his skills and experience to survive. When shots stopped and less and less people where visible, he returned back to the cities to gather what remained, trying to be cautious of other possible survivors, he carried on living, with hope, that there is someone out there, who is fighting to fix this.
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