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  1. Till Sprenger is a 49-year-old scientific researcher who enjoys crafting, construction and the outdoors. He is smart and energetic, which gives him an advantage in the harsh life in Chernarus. Till Sprenger is in good physical shape for his age. He is tall with clean skin, long hair and green eyes. He was born in Lichtenstein. He grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood. He was raised all by his mother because his father left suddenly, never to return. When he finished high school, he moved away from his hometown to study construction and car repairs. He revamped the old family car, and then started a mechanic business which surprisingly went well. He later figured out he enjoyed physics and went back to study the fields of science. He travelled to Chernarus to meet a woman he’d been pen-pals with since high school. The woman was a Chernarus-based electrician named Tatiyana Bozch, they quickly found each others company pleasant, and he decided to stay. Then the outbreak happened and he was left stranded there. One night bandits came. Tatiyana Bozch was captured and was never seen again. He hopes she’s still out there, but fears for the worst. Till Sprenger spends most of his time traversing the hills and forests of Chernarus, looking for a new start.
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