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  1. Tyler jackson was born in manchester on the thirteenth of december 2000 to his single mother after his father ran away. Tyler was academically challenged in school being routinely belittled and bullied. in his youth he was always fascinated with war and history taking a liking to WW2 media from a young age. on his 13th birthday his mother bought him an air rifle as a surprise which he used to shoot clay pigeons. due to his lack of a father figure at the age of 15 he began associating with a known gang in his local area and selling drugs for them. this kept up until his friend was violently stabbed in front of him by a member of a rival gang, after comforting him and watching as his eyes drained of life Tyler was scarred for life. he stopped socialising everyone he knew for months and contemplated going to the police to try and offer up a testimony against his gang. after they caught wind of this they set his house on fire in the middle of the night, tyler narrowly escaped the flames however after getting out he witnessed his mother bashing against the window of her room trying to free herself. he tried to free her by throwing a brick against the window but it was too little too late. after watching both his best friend and his beloved mother die he sought out vengeance for the wrongdoings committed against him. 2 years later when he was 17 he got his wish as a golden opportunity had arrived. he gained knowledge that the gangs leader was seeing a local girl every Sunday for hook ups. he tracked down their date spots for the next 2 months noting every behavioural detail about the two eventually figuring out that once a month usually around the 30th the two would have a pick nick together at 1am and stargaze. giddy with anticipation he sourced a pistol and machete from some of his old connections and a month later he was ready to kill him. just like planned they showed up at their little spot out in the woods where Tyler ambushed them with the pistol shooting both in the head 5 times each. for the next year he lived in fear of the law eventually deciding to move to Chernarus. however shortly after his arrival news broke about the frenzied flue... (The rest is wip)
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