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  1. Korbin King, a Nevada native, spent his early 20’s dealing blackjack to pay his way through college. In 1994 he graduated from the University of Las Vegas with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and psychology. After graduation, Korbin was promoted to head of security at the casino. By 1998, he was tired of working for someone else and started his own security consultant company. With casino technology becoming more sophisticated, demands for his services on the strip skyrocketed and his company became extremely successful over the next few years. After September 11th, 2001, Korbin decided he could contribute more to the world by combining his security experience with his continuing education in the field of psychology. He sold his security consulting firm to fund a new venture as a crisis negotiations consultant. His new theories regarding hostage negotiations were well received by the industry and were quickly put into practice in the middle east with great success. His lectures on negotiating during a crisis situation received many accolades from the law enforcement community. The FBI and CIA soon hired him to train their field agents on the cutting edge techniques. He continued lecturing and consulting for the next several years and made quite a lot of money doing so. “After the pandemic escalated, I decided to retire from consulting in early 2019. I had a few books I wanted to write, so I took advantage of the seclusion to get started. But as the lockdown continued I got bored and decided to start my own food distribution company. I wanted to apply my negotiation skills to a more scalable business. Through some old clients, I was connected to a guy in Russia that wanted to expand his network into the US. I spent the rest of 2019 learning everything I could about international shipping logistics. Communications with the Russian food distributor became more and more detail oriented and eventually I was ready to get my hands dirty. With the lockdown finally lifted, he invited me to tour his operations and meet with his management teams. The first week of January 2020, my brother Wooten, our father and I traveled to Chernogorsk to meet with the food distributor. We stayed until mid March to learn how we could help him grow his business internationally. After hammering out what we all thought to be a solid business plan, we decided to end our visit with a relaxing adventure. Part of the reason my father and brother came with me on the trip was due to our life long dream of going on a Russian hunting expedition. Our host was also an avid hunter and was more than happy to help us map out an ambitious tour of the countryside. It sounded like exactly what we needed, so in mid march we began our hunting expedition across South Zagoria for a few weeks. It was a well deserved vacation of opportunity. The hunting trip was amazing. I had been working so much for the past couple of decades, I hadn’t realized how much I needed to reconnect with my brother and father. The time we spent together made our bonds even stronger. We didn’t want the trip to end. When we returned to Cherno during the first week of April, things were really starting to go sideways due to the pandemic and civil unrest. We had planned to fly back to the states but travel restrictions prevented us from leaving. It seemed the time we spent on our little family excursion had left us stranded. Our gracious business host had already been ordered to close down his operations and evacuated to another area. We ended up moving into a short term rental until things could blow over. We did our best to follow the local curfews, but the crisis escalated and staying in the city was becoming more and more dangerous. We considered the refugee camps but could see they were already overwhelmed by desperate people. By the end of May, since we still had all of our camping and hunting gear, we decided to return to the mountains and take our chances. Living off the land was pretty easy as the summer progressed. We would occasionally head into the nearest town for sundries. That was until about mid-July when the power outages began. We stocked up one last time and stayed in the hills until it started to get cold. September and October were dangerous months. We struggled to keep warm and avoid squads of bandits. All of the towns were without power by then. Every time we made a supply run we thought it would be our last. Wooten and I became separated from our father when a raid of bandits came roaring into town killing everyone they saw. We spent the last couple of weeks of October searching for our dad but we failed to find him. We thought we had seen the worst, but nothing prepared us for November. Mourning our missing father and struggling to survive, both of us got very sick. Felt like the worst flu we'd ever had. Our first aid kits and limited medical supplies were running low. I was convinced we were going to die in those mountains. At the end of the month, we made a desperate push into town. We needed to find medical help or die trying. I woke up in some kind of MASH unit. Both of us were being treated in dismal conditions but we began to recover. By the time the mass evacuation began, I had fully recovered. Wooten was nearly well but had some lingering symptoms and was not allowed to board the boats. We agreed I would go ahead to Namalsk to get established while he stayed behind to finish his recovery and possibly locate our dad. I arrived in Namalsk today. The captain of the boat that brought me over was a bastard and demanded everything I had on me in exchange for safe passage. So here I am, with only the clothes on my back. Homesick. Wondering if I still have a home to go back to. If you run into my brother, Wooten, please tell him I am here waiting for him.”
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