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  1. Life before the Zs arrived i had a pretty good life, wife and 2 kids i was married for 2 years and had a twin boy & girl aged 6 recently married i was enjoying my life as a Authorised Firearms Officer(AFO) for the British Police, i had trained for years for this role i joined the Navy very young before i had any children but my Wife Ashlee always stuck by me we had been together since i was 16 when i joined the Navy i spent a good 3-4 years in the navy and then once my service was up i trained and become a (AFO) this was a dream job for me proctecting and serving, i had always been intrested in all adpects of this, helping people saving lifes and of course the guns side i always had an intrest in guns from a kid i watched many videos and played many games regarding warfare and weapons so it suited me down to a t. i had a great upbringing with 3 sisters and 2 happily married parents unfortunalty all no longer with us... well one i cant seem to find my closest sister Sara i have looked and looked but all i can think now is she just didnt make it, i was on duty during this horrible time the world was in panic and i tried my best to get home to my family but they needed me to help bring order to the streets, so eventually when things got to bad i decided to leave my post bad thing i know but i couldnt bare being without them any longer i took my cruiser and rushed home to only find the house had been raided smashed up and my wife was beaten and stabbed and my kids were there eating her body this was the worst feeling and scariest moment of my life i didnt exactly know what to do i just left i could not take my kids out my poor Dexter and Collette i had to leave, but i knew Ashlee would of wanted me to handle the situation so i went back in and put them both down meanwhile the worlds in manic i have no time the mourn their deaths i gave Ashlee one last hug and found her note saying "Please just survive your so strong, I love you" after reading this its gave me a reason to live and to make this world my own i have a sister out there somewhere hopefully and i have the skills to keep myself alive so i will once again serve & protect.
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