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  1. I hate hearing that. I want to rp as a trader and i cannot because the rules restrict me from being what i want to roleplay as, and why do so many people here feel like i need to play the way they want me to play? I try to rp as a trader and it simply doesnt work out, so just be a bandit or mayor of a town thatll get raided over night. Its just cops and robbers at this point and yall refuse to add another level of roleplay to this community. I cant even live in a one by one shack without having people hold me at gunpoint and make me watch them blow my door down for no rp reason at all.
  2. I dont play because i cannot be a trader without losing everything i own within 2 days. If i wanted to have a better trader set up i may as well play a different rp server since anyone can just evict me whenever they please. Also living in the city sounded interesting, but 3 houses later i realized people will raid you just to raid you so i gave up on that idea. Same with my 8 friends i brought to this server. I am the only one left that actually has hope for the future of the server, though every day it feels like they only are going to focus on a couple of the things voted on and
  3. You could be a great guy or gal i dont know you. I dont want to throw shade, but as admins your set names should positively represent the community, and i dont see that name being professional, and could be seen as offensive (not to me btw). and look at that lol someone said it before me
  4. The way I see it is any time i bring up an issue to staff i basically get told to shove it. We are supposed to follow twitch TOS yet we have an admin named Queerios. We have people that link sites like Meatspin, get away scott free. You make this thread yet on the discord i dont ever see anyone care about what the little guy thinks. Maybe listen to someone who came from many dayz rp servers over the people who have played on this one mainly. The value of opinions on here is horrible and the fact that you guys wonder where your players went astounds me. When i simply ask for base raid ru
  5. Anton was one of 2 kids. His Mother Martha was an Italian immigrant and His father Henry was a German Immigrant. Born in NY, and Migrated towards Nyheim. Anton grew up aside his brother Ezra, his sister Ina and his Cousin Scott. Anton has been a troublemaker since he was a child, when he was nine, he would go from house to house to see if his neighbors left their doors unlocked. He would rummage through their things to see if they had something he could play with or occupy his time with. Anton is a sole example of why people at his time didnt trust those who lived next door. Henry, Antons fath
  6. Anyone know a fix for this? Im trying to whitelist, im a long time rper and really want to dive into the world here. Im trying to connect my steam ID but when i do it says i dont have more than 10 hours played..
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