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  1. Grew up in the forest of Viborg Denmark with my family. Me my brother always went hunting for deer and moose for food to be put on our table back at home. Was very hard times especially when winter came less food on the table warmth was a big struggle too. Couple of years later mother fell sick and wasn't getting any better at all we all knew she wasn't going to get any better without any help. A year later mother died it was a very hard time for us all especially for my father he got onto the addiction of drinking whiskey alot, my brother and I was lost not knowing if dad was going to handle the loss of his wife our mother. But we all had to keep pushing forward and not let anything get in our way. With a 4 years gone by dad was still drinking alot of whiskey it was a strong addiction, my brother was bedridden due to a attack from a bear whilst myself on the other hand had big hopes and decided to go into the army and fight my way to getting to the best forces in Denmark the Frogman Corps. And with years of pushing myself I got my goal and was apart of the Frogman Corps knowing i got in this role I tried my best to help my family back at home make sure they got everything that they needed they where the most important thing to me and they are my priority. However that all took a turn... I was dishonourably discharged due to an accident, my whole career my whole life falling apart getting home to hear the news my father passed away and my brother was gone I didn't know where he is I've been on the search for months ever since i was discharged. Will I ever find him who knows anyways I like to stick alone most of the time and have trust issues.
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