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  1. Sammy Sironto was born in Sicily in 1992, he lived in Sicily until he was 19. Since he was in Sicily for 19 years, the organised crime was increasing and his dad, Eddie Sironto, was known for being a Capo in the Sicilian Mafia which is frequently referred to as Cosa Nostra. This allowed Sammy to grow up with respect from a lot of people but since the Sicilian Family had many enemies. Sammy was a prime target for the other families. Once Sammy was around 15, his dad had spoken to the Don of the family about getting Sammy involved with the business. The Don accepted and Sammy was apart of the Sicilian Family. He also spoke to the Don quite often which is unusual but this was because the Don liked Sammy due to his dad being such a loyal member of the family. Now, when Sammy was 18, other families realised that finding Sammy and taking him somewhere so that the Sicilian Family would have to stop their plans and go rescue Sammy as he was essential to his dad being so loyal. The other family then started torturing Sammy by beating him with many objects but one of them left a gash in his right eyebrow leaving a scar for the rest of his life. After 2 hours of waiting and speaking to one another, Sammy was finally let free but for a ransom of money. The Don didn't care that he lost money, the only thing he cared about was that Sammy was safe. Since Sammy knew their faces and knew what family they were apart of, the Don planned to eliminate them by performing a drive-by. In the space of two weeks, Sammy was ready to take the lead of a group of associates and to go shoot at the people who tortured him. They were driving around their restaurant when they saw them leave to go to the Casino. They then drove by with 3 people including Sammy shooting at the other family. They shot back eliminating the driver, resulting in the car crash. Sammy got out and got his M1A1 from his seat and started firing at them, giving the other associates time to leave. Him doing this and saving the others allowed the 1 remaining family member to shoot Sammy in the stomach. They ran back to the bar that the Sicilian family-owned and Sammy got treatment for his wound. Sammy then had to lay low for a couple of months, spending his 19th birthday in the bar with the rest of his family, this is when he got a present of the Don which was a plane ticket to London so that Sammy could start fresh and live a new life without the risk of dying. Sammy then went to London to start fresh and to live a new life. This is when he realised that the Don did him a huge favour as he loved it in London but he wanted to travel more so he went around the world and in 2019, he travelled to Chernarus but enjoyed seeing the sights and the culture so stayed for quite some time. This is when he met a lot of people and enjoyed speaking to them and listening to their backstory. He had planned to leave but due to the outbreak of the Frenzied Flu, he decided to stay so that he couldn't put anyone else in danger and especially so that he didn't put his parents in danger as he planned to visit them.
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