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  1. After the outbreak from Switzerland, Theo was a casual car kid at the time of the outbreak. He did everything kids did back before the outbreak. But grew experienced with survival after the outbreak. Theo at a young age learned a lot from his father named Niko. Niko was chernarus and before the outbreak theo had visited there very few times but doesnt know the area because those visits were at a very young age. When the outbreak hit him and his father decided to try and evacuate chernarus hiding from swiss nbc units because there were rumors that they were killing instead of trying to find a cure for people. Theo and Niko traveled and eventually settled down in Poland for a short time until a group of bandits raided their farm, killing Niko during the process. Nikos last wish for Theo was to travel to his hometown and seek value and hope there. Theo couldn't deny his fathers dying wish so he traveled alone. A kid grew into a man learning skills on his own. Running into many bandits, and also friends. Theo traveled a grave way and a long way to grant his father wish. Theo also suffers from a lot of experience alone in that world He's very set to be by himself and horrified and hostile in every way to protect himself
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