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  1. Walter Brinks was born in Brooklyn to a lower class family so at a young age he worked for the local paper company as a bus boy selling papers to schmucks and developing his passion for work inside of the Journalism field. Growing up he would develop a love of writing and recording himself but was forced into a College b his parents at the age of 18. At the ripe age of 19 Walter Brinks began left college in pursuit of Journalism his lifelong passion, In the following weeks he could not find any jobs until one came up about being deployed oversees to Iraq seeing no better alternative he took it and became an active wartime Journalist. The job to say the least was mentally taxing but he covered the daily life of American soldiers oversees and the civilians who lived there. One night the building he was sleeping in caught fire he got out safely but not without a nasty burn that ran along his whole right forearm. After a few years of Oversees journalism Walter was called back to New York by his News agency the new York post he lived an easy life for a while dedicated to his work, With no time for family or friends the continuous drone of Writing news story's and following his passion. Following into the instability in the eastern regions specifically Chenarus and Livonia the reporter set out once again with the Dark blue press vest and a camera to report to the world what was going on inside of the Russian federation and its surrounding countries. Nearing the End of the conflict and the State of Chenarus voting to join the Russian federation Walter was beginning preparations to leave the Russian state when the Flu had been reported in Livonia wishing to continue on and show all the folks back home what was going on he made a trip to the region. Following harsher lockdowns and the quarantine of Chenarus Walter had been escorted for removal from the country at the naval base at Namalsk. however he never did get to leave shortly after the Russian federation pulled its military out leaving the American to die on an island with no way to escape. Its been almost a year now not sure how he did it but he has survived up until this point with one last mission to go home.
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