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  1. Born as the first and only child to a middle-class family in São Paulo, Nidia from an early age thrived with an affinity for people and history. Her mother was a Veterinarian at a local animal clinic, while her father was part of the Brazillian Marine Corps. Seeing as neither of her parents weighed in on where she should go with her life it allowed Nidia to explore various options on her own, though she was greatly influenced by the stories her father often told of the world beyond and its various problems. After finishing high school, she attended the University, studying further into journalism and mass communication. A year later, Nidia received the knowledge that the private company was in search of new possible War Correspondents to work for them. Taking the gamble she applied, soon being approved and being put in for some additional training before being sent off. For multiple years, she interviewed various locations and witnessed multiple events unfold. Though, after her initial company got some bad reputation she broke off from it, becoming freelance. Nidia was notorious for being able to elicit information from others, which may have been a reason why she soon had a government agent who didn’t particularly care for her presence. So, before the heat got too dangerous she fled her country. Somehow, her fleeing landed her in the Namalsk, unfortunately, the day after she arrived the shutdown occurred. Unsure of what to do, she remained in place, hiding amongst a few other visitors which she soon left. Plagued by the search for knowledge deeper than surface level, she wandered out on her own.
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