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  1. Erlik Mustafa Kurtaranoğlu, he’s the son of famous political journalist Cem Kurtaranoğlu who was assassinated by the terror group DHKP-C in front of his house in 1997. After his father’s death, he and her mother moved to his grandparents' house in Izmir, Seferihisar when he was 11. Besides that grim event, he had a normal childhood. In the small town of Seferihisar he grew up under his Uncle; Salih Reis’s wing who was a very well known and liked experienced fisherman. When his uncle took him to their summer house in Alaçatı, Erlik met with the cold waters of the Aegean Sea for the first time. His uncle taught him how to swim and during these lessons, Erlik quickly felt he belonged to the sea. He felt fresh, energized, like whenever he went up to the surface he felt like he was leaving his problems under the sea and moving on. Because of his uncle he also quickly became interested in fishing, when he was still a kid Erlik spent lots of time at the beach, swimming, and diving under his uncle’s watch. After the schools Erlik worked in his Uncle’s seafood restaurant also when the seasons got closer, he helped him prepare his fishing vessel ready for the next fishing season with the fellow crewmen. When he was 16 he joined his Uncle’s fishing vessel crew as a Greenhorn, on the vessel his uncle treated him as a casual Greenhorn not as his nephew so he could learn the ropes quickly and really understand what a being fisherman is. The first few days he was slow and struggling on the deck but when he started understanding how things were working on the vessel, he quickly caught up to the other crewman and even challenged some of the veteran ones who were also giving him tips. As the seasons passed, Erlik became an excellent fisherman under his uncle’s wing and he started coming up with his own ideas to improve the fishing capacity of their vessel. They tested some of his ideas and it worked pretty well, that was the moment his uncle decided to make Erlik the captain of the vessel when he retired. So until the end of high school, he spent his time between Seferihisar, Alaçatı and on the seas until he won a scholarship in Turkey’s most prestigious engineering university ODTU. After finishing the University of ODTU(METU) he joined the army to do his compulsory military service. How much he loved the sea and wanted to be assigned to the navy Turkey Military, Erlik did his military service in Bosnia under KFOR as Sergeant. However before he deployed to Bosnia he had problems in the military because of who his father was. Cem Kurtaranoğlu was a left-wing journalist and many times he published anti-militarist articles and like most of the left-wing journalists he was seen as the supporter of the illegal communist terror groups operating in the country. Because of that many times, he got into ‘heated’ arguments with the nationalist soldiers in his unit. One day while doing his military service under KFOR in Bosnia, his convoy got attacked by a Pro-Yugoslav Militia group operating near the Serbian border. This was the first time Erlik saw actual combat in his life and also the first time he killed someone. Turkish and Hungarian soldiers in the convoy totally caught off-guard and didn’t have heavy weapons, unlike their enemies who were hitting the convoy with RPGs, PKMs, DSHKs and Mortars. In this firefight Erlik realized their commander was missing and soldiers were scattered and trying to figure out what to do. He remembered the moments of his uncle leading his crew during the harsh days at the sea, keeping them together.. He remembered the advice of his uncle about being a leader. At that moment he realized and assessed the situation then he ran around under fire, grouping up the soldiers scattered in the valley they were ambushed and organized them to put a proper defense until the reinforcements came in. In the first hour of the ambush, six soldiers were already killed and two vehicles were destroyed by the militias. In the middle of the combat, Erik saved a group of soldiers who were trapped inside of a knocked out MRAP. After three hours of fighting when their ammo was about to run out, a joint response force of Italian and French soldiers arrived to support them. With that they quickly repelled the terrorists from the area but damage was big, and casualties were moderate… Eight soldiers were killed, three injured, five vehicles including an APC and the truck carrying the humanitarian supplies was destroyed. This event was the turning point in Erlik’s life, because of his cold blooded leadership, organizing the soldiers and taking charge after the death of the CO in the convoy, got him a medal and some fame back in Turkey. First time something like this happened to Erlik and surprisingly he did like it. When his military service came to an end, rather than returning back to Izmir he decided to stay in the military to have a career in the Navy so he entered the Amphibious Infantry training. After passing the selections and completing the training, he became an Amphibious Marine in the Turkish Naval Forces as a Petty Officer. Three years he completed several tours in South Eastern Turkey and Northern Iraq and fought against PKK also took a Diving and Frogman courses to expand his skills and add a few more badges on his chests. His leadership skills did catch the attention of his Brigade Commander which advised him to join the Underwater Offense Group. But his eyes were aiming for a higher unit; Thinking he would do so much more in the Special Forces Command. Erlik started working for the upcoming selections of the TSFC. After training for one year he entered the TSFC’s selections which he passed after four years of brutal training. To this day he still says he prefers surviving in this zombie apocalypse rather than take those drills again. In his sixth year in the Special Forces Command, Erlik assigned to a special task force that was going to conduct a Black Operation together with the National Intelligence Organization on the island of Namalsk to scout the Russian Military operations in the area and make sure this new flu is not something serious. The team of eight including Erlik, arrived on the Namalsk island disguised as Turkish Journalists who were going to cover the situation on the island. Since the first day Erlik realized this Flu was way more different than every other known diseases, he tried to convince the person in charge of the operation to return back to Turkey before it’s too late but he failed to do it and they stayed on the island that was getting way more crowded with the infected people. Thankfully soon things have changed and it seemed Russians got the thing under control, as the recovered people returned the island Erlik’s worries eased more and he focused on his mission far better now at least he didn’t have to worry about getting sick and die in a bloody Russian Hospital. But after three weeks his worries came up again as the new cases were getting reported, this time things seemed way more serious. In May, the team was ordered to return back to Turkey but by that time the situation on the island was out of control and literally exfil with a military assistance was out of question also two members of the team were infected and had to be put down by the fellow members. As the team was in a disarray, Erlik made up a plan of escaping from the island with a fishing boat when he told this to the others the team divided in two. Half supported Erlik’s idea but the other half were still counting on the N.I.O and they should go to a remote part of the island and wait for a rescue helicopter that will come and pick them up. A fight broke out inside the group but eventually they decided to split up in two groups; One group was going to the Southern part of the island and trying to contact home. Meanwhile another group was going to check the fishing villages and try to find a fishing vessel that would get them back to Turkey or at least take them out of the island. Erlik was going to lead the second group as it was his idea. After splitting up into two groups things went from bad to worse, two days later Erlik’s group lost communication with the other group, last thing they heard was the sound of firefight and scream which they quickly concluded that the other team was killed by the armed bandits. At the moment the only thing they think was to return home safely and leave all of this behind once and for all and that was only possible if the virus didn’t spread to the other countries. In two days Erlik and his other two friends covered a large ground of the seacoast but they failed to find any boat or any floating transport that could take them out of the island. In the middle of the night, Erlik was driving to a big fishing village that would possibly have some boats they could use, it was probably filled with infected people but they had no other choice. While driving in middle of the night suddenly a figure jumped in middle of the road which it made Erlik to turn the wheel to his left to avoid hitting the figure, it made the car get out of control and crash into a tree, thankfully he wasn’t speeding much so the collision only knocked out the three passengers. Few hours later Erlik opened his eyes and saw he was alone in the car, with nothing on his side with just a bottle of water and a can of food. It seemed his ‘friends’ woke up earlier and decided to abandon him inside the car but at least they were gentle enough to leave food and drink. Erlik quickly got out of the car, he was angry but he needed to find somewhere to hide and materials to cover up his wounds. No lie, he was planning to kill his ‘friends’ if he came across them once more. Leaving him behind like that was a very treacherous move, something Erlik hated very much. Erlik walked for hours and came across a gas station, thankfully he found a bandage to cover up his head wound and an axe to protect himself from the infected people or worse, normal people. He looked for a clue of his friends but he got none so he decided to keep moving after his small stop. By the early morning he arrived on top of a hill that he could see the fishing village down below, on his way there he came across an old shack that it’s door was open so he looted it, finding food and an old binocular. Thanks to that he could see the situation of the town from far and the sight he saw was horrible, like watching a scene from a horror movie. When he looked at the city center though he saw his friends were cornered by the zombies, he felt bad for the two and as he watched them killing themselves after realizing they had no way out made his hatred go away in a second. But most importantly, in that moment the reality sank in Erlik’s head; He was the only one who left from the eight man team that came to this island and now had to survive on this goddamn island filled with infected and few living people...
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