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  1. At just about every opportunity life could give to him, James would find a way to get into his passion for Journalism. Whether that was signing up for his local or school newspaper, or conducting his own research into events to get his own little scoops. That soon translated to taking all of the most journalism-related courses at school, learning politics, history, anything that would help him expand his knowledge to become good at investigation and detailing. He was relaxed with these, always having a natural talent for them, but his knuckling down towards the end of final exams allowed him the perfect opportunity to get a place in university studying the subject he loved so much. It was some of the best years of his life at university, but eventually, the third year rolled around. His dissertation commanded some top in-depth, and first-hand research to be conducted. James, the one to go all out when it came to these topics, knew he had to outdo the others and do something abroad. This was the first time that he ever went abroad, heading over to nearby France to look into the recent yellow-vest protests, and was notable for the research he conducted into what exactly was going on at the time. From then on, James would become in love with foreign travelling, something about reporting in a foreign country, covering events for the people back home was exhilarating, and as soon as he left university he got a job as a reporter. It, unfortunately, wasn't to be. The quotas at his job were not exactly suited to his rather laid back style, and after filing in a story that was near entirely made up, James was fired, and near black-listed from any other group. It was a heavy hit to the man, and from there, he tried his hardest to redeem himself in the only way he could think of that still kept to his skills. Freelance. When the infection started spreading, he knew it was his opportunity, and when Russian reports came out about how prepared for the situation they were (when compared to the rather dubious claims from his own government) James got an early flight as soon as he could in January to the country that claimed big. He didn't want to go to any of the big cities, those would be covered all to hell. Instead, he chose the newly incorporated region of Chernarus, a place with equally ambitious claims as to how it was going to deal with the infection. He landed, and from then on, he documented everything, the good, and the bad. He covered near everything he could, broke some of the quarantine laws, and when the lockdown was put on, he was stuck. But he had to let people know what life was like here. In all aspects. This was his scoop, one that would get him back into the Journalism game when he could get back to the UK, and this had all blown over.
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