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  1. *The radio opens again* ''You are welcome to join me my child. Ask around for Father. God will lead you to me eventually. God bless you and go with Christ.'' *Radio shuts off again*
  2. *The radio line opens again with crackling noise* ''All who spoke of the false churches have the chance to confess their sins. Of all the false churches is the one of the whore of Rome the most damned. For the whore of Babylon rides on a beast with seven heads and Rome is the city on seven hills. The patriarchs, cardinals, and popes all are puppets of the Beast and the Anti-Christ for they bathe themselves in wealth, gold and degrade the faces of God His prophets'' *radioline crackles* ''God is forgiving and kind but only to those who accept and acknowledge their own wrongdoings. For those who worship falsehoods and sin He shall damn them until the end. God is not only forgiving and kind, but also an enteral flame to those who dismiss him. They shall perish in their own sin and shall feel the fire and torn of God in this era and the era's to come'' *radioline cracks again* ''All who wish to join God and his Son as Their servants by Their throne must join the Church of the Last Days on Earth. You can be saved from Hell and darkness, if only you acknowledge your wrongdoings, pray for forgiveness and join me! AMEN!''
  3. *Radio cracks and the line opens again'' ''There is nu humor in the torn of God! This is his punishment for our sinful lives. Those who believe don't have to be afraid! For he, Lord Jesus Christ, will return soon! But only when the sinful have been punished and the earth has been cleansed!'' *The preacher now falls silent for a few seconds* ''The Beast goes by a lot of names. He is the Antichrist, the whore of Babylon, the fallen angel or Beelzebub. All who are sinfull carry the mark of the Beast on their soul. Only those who truly believe in our lord and who join the Church of the Last Days on Earth will join Him on His throne! Amen!'' *Radio crackles and falls silent again*
  4. *You hear a preaching voice coming through the airwaves* ''Repent now! Turn back to Jesus Christ, our lord and savior! The last days on earth are coming, only He can save you! This virus is a torn from God to cleanse us of our sin! But the one's who truly believe should not be afraid! For they shall come to the Kingdom of God.'' *Radioline starts cracking for a while* ''As said in Revelation 6:8, ''And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider's name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.'' Join the Churrch of the Last Days on Earth now, or join The Beast.'' *Radio falls silent*
  5. George ''Father'' Bell George Bell was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in a typical household. His father worked for the British government at the embassy in the Netherlands and his Dutch mother worked at a local high school. He did not grew up in a religious household and he was atheist until his mid 20's. At school George excelled in subjects like history, geography and biology but was not a star in maths. During his time in school he played for local soccer team and got scouted to play in the youth team of Ajax Amsterdam, the biggest club in the Netherlands, as a goalkeeper. During his time there he developed and was seen as one of the big prospects and people saw him as a future topclass goalkeeper. During a match one of his defenders made a foul and so a penalty was giving against the opposing team. When the penalty taker kicked the ball, George made a fatal mistake. When he jumped to the corner he went way to hard and so knocked his head against the goalpost resulting in a trauma. He was send in a knocked out state to the hospital and did not wake up for several days. When he woke up the doctors told him he could not play soccer anymore and so his dream to be a world class goalkeeper shattered. It took several years for George to accept the fact that he was not going to be the star the world thought he would be. He decided to go university and start studying Dutch History. During one of his summer breaks he toured around Europe in a car he just bought. During one of the rides through Poland his car broke and he was stuck in a small village with no mechanic. George decided to look around the village for someone who could speak English so he could plan his next steps. It was around midnight when he encountered a church where the lights weren't out and he went in. When he did that, he did know his life would never be the same again. In the Church he encountered a man around his 40's who spoke perfectly English and they had a talk about where he came from and where the closest mechanic was. During this conversation the priest said he noticed something in the way George spoke that he was not happy with the life he had. George was indeed not happy, his study was not going too well, a few years ago his dream to be a world class goalkeeper was ruined and he felt very, very alone. When George told the priest about all of these things the priest gave him a long talk about Jesus and how he made other people who felt lost very happy. The priest gave George a couple of books about Christianity and he told George that he could sleep in a room in the Church for this night. When George went to the assigned room he started reading in the books and leaflets and soon was in a deep sleep. During his time sleeping he had very realistic dreams, in this dream Jesus went to George and he told George to set up a new church which would strictly follow the rules in the Bible and Jesus also told George that he should rid the world of sinners and that the day of his return would come soon. When George woke up he was not the same man he was the day before. He believed. George believed that he was the chosen one and had to set up a new church in The Netherlands. George quit with his study and started working small jobs and soon was able to recruit a few people to his newly found church. He could also quit with his work quite soon because of the donations that came in. His church grew with more numbers and finally had around 850 active members. When the Dutch government grew suspicious of this church and the rules and members, they started investigating. George, now called ''Father'' in the church, grew suspicious and decided to move with a few very trusted people to Chernogorsk to escape the Dutch government. Here he found a new chapter of the church and life went on. He also recruited a few people in Chernogorsk and life seemed normal. In a dream Jesus came by again and he told George that he would arrive in South-Zagoria and that after a period of cleansing of sinners and harsh times he would lay the foundations of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Around this time also the flu started to spread and George saw this as the harsh times that were coming. He decided to go to South-Zagoria with a few trusted ally's to see it with his own eyes. When the pure chaos erupted George was excited. For him this was the sign that the Lord would come back very soon, the only thing that needed to happen was the cleansing of the sinners, he saw the highly aggresisive infected as a tool to cleanse the world from sinners, because of that George looks kind of positive to them. He know roams the area to spread the word and to cleanse the world from the sinners, if he has to.
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