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  1. David O’ Reilly is a quiet yet brutal man. He was raised by his single father in the hills of Tennessee. His father was a Ranger and ex-military contractor. He desired from childhood to follow in his father’s footsteps. Though when he was 13 his father was killed in a tragic car accident. This left David alone with no one to care for him. He fell through the foster system landing in every bad place possible. When he turned 18, he finally had his out. He immediately enlisted in the US Army, and rapidly moved into the 75th ranger regiment following in his father’s footsteps. He then passed the grueling selection program of America’s elite Delta Force. He spent 15 years in the armed forces and 10 of those in Delta. He ran missions from acting as a kill squad to securing high value targets. He became a hardened and grizzled veteran of war. Upon retirement due to medical issues, he then went into the contractor world. He worked as a wet work contractor across the world. Doing things in the dark where no one could see. In 2020, he was hired to work on the island of Namalsk as extra security to help stop this mystery flu. Though unfortunately everyone he arrived with were soon infected and rapidly turned feral. He was forced from his position along with many others in late 2020. He retreated into the wilderness using his survival skills gained over years of military experience to attempt to safely live once more.
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