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  1. Murdock Jones was born in London England, when he was old enough to work he got a job as a kitchen assistant in a posh restaurant, after saving enough money he left his job and decided to explore the world. While he was in on his journey he was attacked by a group of men and held hostage by them, the group of men did things to him while he was their captive one of those things was the reason for the scar he has on his face. One day one of his captors was left alone to watch him while the rest of the group went to get supplies, Murdock knew that he needs to escape so he called the captor over and asked for water as his captor came back Murdock grabbed the guys arm and pulled him hard enough to make the guy smash his head into the door knocking him out. Murdock looks through the guys pockets and finds a key which fits the door of the cell he's been held in. He leaves the cell and escapes the building running as far as he can which leads him to the shore where he finds a row boat which he gets in and starts rowing.
  2. Yeah i got past that now thanks for the reply
  3. Thanks I stuck the rules on word and increased the font size to one that is more readable.
  4. I am having trouble finding the passphrases I have gone through the rules and the new comer guide 4 times and can't find any words that stand out, I even went right up close to my screen but still couldn't find the word. Everything sounds right when I read it out in my head.
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