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  1. so i have the same problem as my last post but the only server that shows up isnt in english and i cant connect to it? if any staff member has the spare time to help me i would be very grateful
  2. so ive just been whitelisted and i have all the mods loaded but i still cant find the server, ps. i would have asked on discord but it wont load on my pc. if any staff member has the spare time to help me i would be very grateful
  3. so how long exactly does it take for somone to look over your application?
  4. When i was born my parents gave me the name Artem also known in Russian as artyom, i got this name sincemy mother was orriginally from Russia in a small island called chernarus i have many relitives from there and i had always wanted to go but my mother told me that as soon as i turn eighteen that i could visit so that got my hopes up but as i got older stuff started to go down hill, i started smoking at a young age and just not taking care of myself until one day i got up and said im going to join the army, but it wasnt what i thought there was no bad guys no shooting, killing none of that, the training was hard and im lucky i even survived but i did and when i was done training i was nineteen and they gave everyone three weeks to spend with family, so when i got home i said to my parents and i even had enough money for it so as soon as i could i booked a ticket and i was off but the flight was strange the pilots and crew started acting all worried and they woulent tell anyone what was happening, soon later they announced that they had lost all comms with any airstrips there and that they were running out of fuel, soon after the plane went down, i washed up on shore somwhere but i hope its chernarus because its my only hope.
  5. so its like 500 charecters you have to write about your charecter right
  6. ok thanks dude i will ~definitly~ not do this
  7. yeah i already put everything on public but i dont have enough hous on it which is really annoying because ive been playing dayz for years but only got this pc recently
  8. so im doing the wjitelisting process and when it tells me to login with my steam it keeps messing up and thinking im making another account or saying that i dont have dayz on my steam account???
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