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  1. I didnt have a raffle in my hand it was a shot gun and i wasn't aiming at you.. my character has PTSD i heard a lot of unusual gun fire while in a shed. How could you see me though the gate all the way in the back with 2 shelters?? You saw me though all that? At first i was saying to my self how does he see me but i cant see him though that little crack. He most have supper eyes. You stated you have 10 secs before i shot thats was the approach.. i was trying to talk to have a peaceful outcome i cared about my life. But again lesson learned I already started playing the game different you taught me alot.. oh isnt a Pub a Bar? All i want to know if you was in the right thats all.. if so ok. Ill change up my RP style to 1000.
  2. Yes 6 sec to comply. Fisrt i was in a shed with a lock how the heck can u open a 4 digit lock in 10 sec. Second im l new to the RP but that wasnt role play. I couldn't even shot back. All the people in groups make it hard for people who just join the game. I was alone in that town not causing any trouble and here comes a guy who spends 10 secs with me and loads clips into a shed. Yes and im the big threat. And if you would have RP you would have found out that i just droped off a package for the bar the other day to gain an alliance. You didnt get the memo? like i said I'm new and if all i have to do is give someone 10 secs to comply without RP then im going to start playing very differently. I said things.. how do you know my character is black And i Know your boss let me call him. But again thank you for letting me know that i can go around to people homes give them 10-15secs shot and take their things.
  3. I do know your boss at the bar. I know about 4 people at the bar.. if you would have gave me time to contact them you would have got an order not to shoot. But you didn't give me time.. how do you know who i know.? I dont care about the things in the shed.. i just want to know if you was just.. so i know all i have to do is give someone 10sec dont care what they say and shoot
  4. Server And Location: Chernurs (Khelm Village) Time and Date: 01/10/2021 7:00Pm-8:00pm Est Time (dont Know game time) In Game Name: Anastasia Moon Names of Allies: N/A Name of Suspect: N/A wasn't cleared Friendly/Enemy Vehicles Involved" N/A Additional Evidence : N/A Detailed Description: I was in the Village of Khelm in a shed that I made a small base, I have a gate in front of the shed. While I was organizing my stuff I heard a lot of unusual shooting so I decide not to move and wait while the shooting stops. The shots get closer then I hear a voice " hey you black person in there, Male or female, I'm (he stated his name and Group, but it was so fast I didn't catch it) I'm going to give you the count of 10 to open the gate." I stated " That was rude of you how do you know the color of my skin(character Skin) ". He says "I can see you" and continues to talk. I ask "How can u see me if I'm in the back and there a gate there." he says nothing and continues to count. He's at 8. I say to him I think I know your boss let me try to contact him. He continues to count down at 5 secs he starts shooting though the shed. shots a whole clip I'm trying to tell him I will open he reloads the gun and shots again and kills me. This guy didn't even give me a chance to RP it was just a count down and shoot. I'm reporting this because I was unsure of the Killing Rules and I want to know if he was in the right so I know what I can and can not do. I have No Additional evidence
  5. My name is Anastasia Moon I was born in New York. My mothers name was Malaysia Banks unfortunately the only thing I know about her is that she gave birth to me on February 25, 2000 and right birth I was adopted by Tiffany and Thomas Moon they had a son that was 4 months older than me named Benjamin. During my childhood, every was amazing, I thought we were the best family in the World. Until I turned 10 and my father died, I started noticing that my mother Tiffany started treating me quite different then she has in the past. She was yelling at me all the time, telling me I was not worth the air I breathed, she would allow Ben to bully me and when she got drunk, she would start hitting me. I was always on punishment could not go outside with my friends, but Benjamin was always outside. I had to do all the chores in the household. School and reading were my escape from this horrible life. I've read all the books I could find, books about nature were my favorite. Learning about the animals and plants that people for generations have lived off. Life seemed so simple for those who lived off the land. They did not have to worry about the views of modern society. My life continues this way for six years. On my sixteenth birthday I was stuck in the house while my evil mother and bother went out to celebrate without me. I decided to go into my father’s old office to find some new reading materials and to continue to research the army. I have decided to join the army as soon as I could. I was going through the desk when I came upon a lock drawer. I proceed to open the drawer and found a whole bunch of dusty papers. So, I decide to go though them. Upon my discovery I found my birth certificate and letters from a woman named Malaysia Banks. Who is Malaysia Banks? I looked at my birth certificate, under the mothers name it said Malaysia Banks and under father name it stated Thomas Moon. At that moment I was very confused on what I was reading and everything you can imagine ran though my mind. Tiffany Moon the lady that has been mentally and physically abusive is not my real mother. This whole time and my father never said a word. So, I decided to take all the letters and locked the drawer back. As I was in my room trying to make sense of all this, I decided to read the letters. in reading the letters I found out that Malaysia Banks was my real mother, and she was from Russia. She was sent to America on a school visa. She complete college and found a job as a Bank Teller. That is when she meets my father. At the time she did not know that he was soon to be a married man. She fell in love with my father and a year later she was pregnant with me. That’s when Thomas started acting different towards her, he later told her that he was married and that this had to stop. He walked out and never spoke to my mom again until the day I was born. She was dying and told Thomas that he had no choice but to take me. The adoption was the only way to hide the truth from Tiffany. But I have a feeling she knew the whole time because as soon as my father past that’s when she started treating me different. Finally, my eighteenth birthday had arrived, it is time. Today is the day I move on to another chapter in my life. Tiffany does not know that I know the truth about everything, nor does she know I’m leaving for the army and theirs nothing she can do about it!!! I’m being ship off to Chernarus which is the best place I can be because according to the letters that’s where my mother parents moved to. I would like to find them to find out more about my mother. But because of the outbreak of zombie’s things aren't the same. My journey will be hard and stressful I've always been a lone wolf, trust is hard to come buy. These days you must be cautious to survive. To be continue about my Advancers in Chernarus.....
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