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  1. Jerry Thompson is the most ordinary American you can be. He had a wife and kid, but those two split up with him in the 90's over his wife being caught cheating with Jerries biggest rival, Terry. Ever since, Jerry has been a shell of a man, grilling for the purpose only to feed himself. He lived a sad and lonely life until he received a letter in the mail asking him to board United Airlines Flight 175 to transport $5,000 in cash. He reluctantly agreed and was set to go the next morning. But as Jerry does, he forgot to set his alarm and slept through the flight. Infact, he almost slept through the whole day. Since then, Jerry has taken up seeing the world, and his newer destination, Chernarus. He was planning out how to get there the cheapest way possible, A flight to Sochi, then boat the rest of the way. Once he reached Sochi though, he heard of a new virus, and him being a dramatic germaphobe, headed straight to Chernarus in hopes that this new virus hasn't reached this forest rich place yet.
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