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  1. Callahan Smith is a 20 year old college student born and raised in Texas. During his 19th birthday, some buddies and him decide to take the upcoming fall semester off and head on a European trip. They decide on visiting Chernarus. They plan their trip within the following few months and take their flight. They land in Chernarus on January 1, 2020. They plan on staying for a few months to get a feel of how life is like on the other side of the world compared to their upbringing in the U.S. Soon after in February, cases of infection begin to arise and Chernarus soon goes under quarantine, leaving Callahan with no way of heading back home. Panic begins to arise at the thought of never being able to leave. However, they think rationally and are sure that it'll only last for a few weeks or so. In May, riots begin to ensue a few blocks down from Callahan's apartment building as his buddies and him are headed back home. One of his buddies has had enough and decided to join in on the riot while Callahan pleads him to not get involved for the risk of injury. That doesn't stop his friend and the riot soon grows out of control and his friend gets caught in some cross fire, sending him to the hospital but soon leads to his death. Paranoia within the group continues to grow with the recent death of their childhood friend. Months go by and life becomes more and more grim as the infection grows outside. Nobody is 100% sure on how much time has gone by. Now they're just living on a day to day basis trying to survive. A few days ago Callahan was ambushed by bandits on his way back to his base and was knocked unconscious. When he is awaken suddenly, he quickly rushes back to his camp and finds two of his friends riddled with bullets; However, there was still another one of his friends, Harry, that was still alive somewhere. Callahan isn't sure where Harry could've headed to or if he is injured, but he knows that he must find him before it's too late.
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