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  1. At the beginning of Peter Lang's life, he was born and raised in Dresden from Germany. He was not far from the border of Czech Republic. His plan was to move to Chernarus for work in the country. He believed that he can serve in the police force one day in the country. Around the year of 2001, he moved to Czech where he later brought a house in Chernarus. This was when he heard about NATO working hard on increasing their bonds with allies. He was not worried about anything at all, and felt confident with the current government. He later graduated the police academy for law enforcement in Czech. After graduation on 2003, he was offered a position to serve as a Police Officer with the Police Department in Czech Republic. He was happy about the offer, and gladly accepted it. He served in the Police Department for about nine years until the situation in September 2009. He had heard about the government having problems with their own citizens, and hearing rumors about war. He chose to resign from the Police Department, and find a new house in Chernarus where it was away from the busy cities. He stayed in hiding for a long time until May 2020 came. He was keeping himself clean, and hunting animals for food. He would make sure that those animals were clean, and safe to cook. He kept safe in a shelter that he had in the woods. He heard about the rumors with the flu going around to people, and making them sick to a point where it made them insane. He also heard about the military taking advantage with lethal force to contain the "virus". It was a terrible time for many people in the country of Czech Republic, and how the country had went to hell with this virus. One day, Peter chose to make a difference for innocent people that were trying to just get by. He used his trained tactics to gain supplies for a resistance group that he ran across by. This group was like a family that he got to know. One night, he was in the woods with two members of the group. They had spotted another camp in the woods, and heard rumors about the other group being bandits. He was told by a stranger that they cutted someone's head off completely. Then, they had apparently eaten him afterwards. Peter did not want this bandit group to continue terrorizing innocents in the woods. So, he chose to do something right on his own terms. He had setup a plan on avenging those innocent people who died, and wanted to make things right. So he had setup bear traps, and mines around the bandits camp. Him and the two members of his resistance group worked silently to setup the bandits into a trap. They were able to setup the correct plan that they wanted for this situation to work for them. Then, they had sent a spotter to the bandits camp and had that person pretend like they were good to them. The bandits thought at first that it was some sort of setup, but luckily the spotter convinced them to be calm. This spotter that Peter knew was a friend of the bandits camp. Although, the spotter wanted to help Peter make things right because of the terrible things that they did to innocent civilians. Once the bandits allowed this spotter to their camp, the spotter was able to plan chaos in their camp. The spotter's name was Rose. Rose had started rumors from inside of the bandits camp, and allowed them to fight each other on their own. Rose attempted to escape from the camp, and several of the bandits noticed her. They began chasing her through the woods until one of the mines went off. A bandit was killed by one of the mines. Peter, and his two resistance members ambushed the chasing bandits that entered their tree lines. They had shot another bandit in the leg, and caused another bandit to be blown up by another mine. Two other bandits got caught with their leg in bear traps. The bear traps had apparently snapped their leg off in half. Peter executed the bandit that he shot in the leg for being a vicious person. The other two bandits were killed by Peter's two resistance members. Rose, the spotter who assisted Peter in this ambush wanted him to finish off the remaining bandits at their camp. He chose that this was the right thing because innocent survivors will continued to be tortured for no reason while being lost in the woods. Later that night after the ambush, they went back to their camp and prepared for an actual ambush on the bandits camp. Peter thought about how his life used to be different in Chernarus. He remembered what he was told in his training during the police academy, and several friends that he met in law enforcement. Although, he had not heard from them after the apocalypse that happened later. Later in the morning, Peter woke up early with his two resistance members. They ate a quick breakfast with Rose that was preparing their weapons for this final attack on the bandits camp. Then, they had finished and went out to setup traps around the bandits camp again. Before they started the attack, they heard weird noises from the south side and they kind of recognized the noise. It was several dead walkers that were roaming around the woods. They knew that the ambush noise may attach walker but they needed to get rid of these terrible bandits. So then, they commenced the attack on the bandits camp and were able to kill the bandits that Peter planned on. Then, they captured the leader of the bandits camp. They had asked him why he allowed the murders of innocent civilians and allowed his people to eat them alive. The bandit leader gave an evil laugh and said, "Go ahead and kill me. It is too late for you. I already killed your families like they killed my." . This moment in time, it did anger Peter and he hated the bandit for being very evil towards civilians. Peter took out his 9mm M9 handgun, and shot the bandit in the head. Peter felt bad for the innocent people that were tortured at this camp. But, he needed to move on with his life. He had told his two resistance members to go back to their camp, and to leave him at peace now. He told Rose to stay safe, and that he needed to separate from the group now. Since this moment in the apocalypse time, Peter had set himself to survive on his own and help those he runs across with when needed. He hopes that one day he can make a difference in a new community with good hope.
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