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  1. Emile never talks about his family to the extent that most normal people will. All that is known is that he grew up without a mother, no deeper explanation other than “She wasn’t around” is what curious people will get out of him. He talks with a more sophisticated approach which gives hints that he was wealthy in the old world. When he arrived in Chernarus he was found with several expensive pieces of jewelry and clothes which further gave sustenance to the rumor of wealth. Emile keeps his cards close to his chest and rarely ever says what's going on behind those blue eyes of his. Emotion rarely ever crosses his stern and chiseled face which he gladly plays to his advantage. An ability to keep a strong poker face in these trying times has really saved Emile’s hide when it comes to hostile situations. Even though Emile has been in the area in and around Chernarus since the outbreak no one knows who he is or who he belongs to. He claims to be a lone wanderer that’s just trying to make a living in this new world but many don’t believe him.
  2. Jackson was born in Seattle Washington to a single mother. His father never truly mattered to him as all he needed was his Mother and older brother Alex. Jackson grew distant from his mother over the years, her overdependence on sleazy men and liquor caused strife and arguments in the house. All Jackson had was Alex growing up at that point with their mother spending more time in bars and in strangers' beds than at home. This pain of not being loved by their mother caused anger in Jackson, an anger that would make him lash out at other kids in school. He was diagnosed with behavioral issues and anger issues before he was even thirteen. Alex used his own money to help get Jackson treatment and in time he did get better for the most part. There will be occasional anger lash out but for the most part Jackson managed to grow out of it. When Jackson was fifteen, his brother Alex left their tiny two-room apartment for an opportunity for a way out, a foreign exchange program at Saint Petersburg State University. This move strained their relationship as Jackson trusted and relied on Alex for nearly everything. Over the years their relationship began to heal once more until the outbreak of 2020 shook the world once more, and severed communications between Jackson and his brother. Alex and his wife and unborn child moved out of Saint Petersburg and into Chernarus after the first outbreak, but with the third wave shaking the world once more Alex and his family ended up unaccounted for. Jackson's only family member he cared for was missing in a strange land with an outbreak still running rampant, he had to do something. At first, days passed, then weeks, then months have passed with no sign of Alex. Jackson grew more and more worried and refused to give up hope, action needed to be taken. Jackson spent all of his savings on an illegal boat passage to Chernarus thanks to an old friend of Alex also wanting answers. Alex looked at the state of the world the outbreak left them in, how America was struggling in this crisis, and Jackson boarded the illegal boat trip. Wondering how on Earth he was going to find his older brother. Jackson watched his hurting country with sadness and disgust before turning his gaze to the beautiful blue ocean that stretched far out ahead of him. Jackson is an easy-going guy with big homes and dreams. His talking skills aren't the best from years of negligence but he’s always there to back you up if he trusts you. He keeps to himself, for the most part, rarely going out of his way for others which makes him seem quite cruel. He feels bad about it of course, but he has his mindset on a mission and he will not stop until his Brother is back safely. You can catch Jackson drifting in between groups and camps quite often, never really fitting in or finding his “people.”
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